The 1980s were just brilliant. Apart from the miners’ strikes, those really thin ties, Howard Jones and rickets, of course. I thought it was so brilliant that I’ve written a book telling everyone about The German Car Industry -  My Part in its Victory.

Indeed there is a free copy up for grabs. All I want you to do is tell me just what was the best car of the 1980s, and it will of course have to be German.

Apart from a couple of Italian cars as the exception, one four wheel drive and the other with a big rear wing and prancing dobbin on the bonnet, every single decent car made in the 1980s was German, no question.

I mean a Volkswagen GTI, has there ever been a better hot hatch? Er, no. Executive express? That would be the E39 BMW, but also the W124 deserves a special mention. Compact executive? Well that's the E30 BMW without a doubt, although the 190 made a surprisingly good taxi.

Supercars - well where do we start? A Porsche Turbo will certainly do and the 959 was the ultimate of course. But hey, the Quattro changed everything in just a couple of years of rallying and of course M3s won everything on the track.

Then again, a little Polo could have been all the car you needed to get you to the shops and back.