If you’ve just bought a Mini featuring one of the recently revised petrol engines, or a Ford Mondeo with the new Ecoboost power unit, you might have been more than a bit miffed to discover that, a few months after you bought your shiny new upgraded car, it has been rendered obsolete by another round of upgrades.

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Take the Mini. In March this year its range of petrol engines were improved, the 1.6 litre engine of the First, One, Cooper and Cooper S all putting out more torque, and in most cases more power, together with improved economy.

These improved Minis were announced in January and went on sale in March but for some reason were not launched to the press until the beginning of June.

With the burst of publicity that followed it was easy to conclude that they were 2011 model year cars, encouraging buyers to jump in. But the 10,628 individuals who bought one of these cars are now discovering that it’s already obsolete, because the actual 2011 model year cars, which get a light detail exterior refresh, some useful interior upgrades and new diesels, are on sale now.