What’s most revolting of all about the Bahrain GP debacle is the level of smugness being displayed by the people who, ultimately you suspect, are due to benefit most from the race still going ahead.

I’m talking here about the Bernie Ecclestones, the Todts (both minor and major) and the autocrats within the country of Bahrain itself; the same autocrats who have had doctors and nurses locked up and tortured (allegedly) on the grounds that they have committed crimes against the state, merely for looking after that state’s more unwell subjects in the course of their day jobs.

CNN reports that Ecclestone recently revealed in an interview that the key problem with the whole middle eastern issue, of which the Bahrain GP is but one small part, is that there are now too many educated people in the world, the insinuation being that it is they who are screwing things up. But surely it is only nasty, selfish, improbably greedy people – not educated ones – who try to ignore a situation like the one that’s unfolded in Bahrain just to keep the cash flooding into their already bulging bank accounts?

Truth is, the powers that be in F1 have shown their true colours on this occasion. And by and large they are not nice colours to look at. Invariably they are green (or black) and are preceded by enormous great icons; some of which look like this ($), while others look like this (£), but all of which are linked, indirectly or otherwise, to the oil industry.