When it was new, owning a Citroen DS was like stepping into an other-worldly car from the future. Own one today, as I do, and it’s like having an other-worldly car from the past. From either perspective everything is different, from its single-nut wheel-fixings to its mushroom-sized brake pedal, from its beautiful roof-mounted rear indicators to its alien, single-spoke steering wheel - everything is imaginative, from its conception to its construction.

This car really was the automobile re-invented, its sleek, tapering bodywork quite unlike anything previously seen, its highly complex, micron-accurate hydraulic systems governing suspension, brakes, steering and a semi-automatic gearchange in gentle, sighing harmony.


All this was wildly pioneering, the DS born of engineers questioning every conventional solution, and rejecting most of them in favour of something alternative and usually, better.