I’m intrigued to know what you folks think because I want to write about the subject in the magazine next week. And the question is this; would, in your humble opinions, the Alfa 4C turn out to be a better or worse car under the guidance of VW?

In the pro-VW camp there is the potential of Porsche engines and gearboxes to consider, alongside all the other obvious benefits the 4C would inherit when it comes to quality, after sales, reliability, engineering integrity, shut lines etcetera.

But does the overall idea of a VW-ised Alfa make your heart beat faster with excitement, or does it make your stomach turn in total disgust?

And if Fiat is good to its word and remains resolutely in control of Alfa Romeo, despite the advances of Mr Piech & Co, will the 4C over or under deliver on its promise? (And where is Alfa going to get a carbonfibre tub from while keeping the 4C’s price at £40k?)

All opinions are most welcome.