You see some strange sights in Japan. Like this field full of abandoned Datsun 240Zs and 260Zs for instance. How did they get there? And why?

Datsun Z cars have long been high on Japan’s classic car A-list and are definitely now collectable. So your jaw hits the deck when you see these lovely original Zs just left there, parked up on
his remote hillside outside Odawara.

Whoever set it all up certainly has a big thing for Nissans. There was a 280ZX there as well, and a Pao. I first came across this lot earlier on this year. I went back up there again the other day and there they still were. I still wonder what’s the real story here.

When I first came to Japan, I used to jog past a Jensen Interceptor in Tokyo that hadn’t moved in aeons. Then there were two blue early Porsche 928s that lived by the side of the road in the Hakone mountains, left to their own devices. I must have driven past them dozens of times. Then, just like the Jensen, one day
they vanished.