Following on from last week’s flat tyre, what do you know, I had another. What are the chances? Different vehicle - a Disco - severe rain and a flat spare, but hey, it got fixed. What cheered me up though was the story about the man who has bought 400 new cars. And I quote…

‘Anyone who has ever bought a car from a garage will know the pleasure of that new car smell. One man who knows that better than anybody is Paul Ruddick from Bedfordshire. He loves new cars so much that he has bought 400 of them, changing them as often as once a fortnight.’

Actually, Mr Ruddick seems like a very nice, well-adjusted fellow. He spent his own hard earned cash on cars he liked. None were that expensive, they were everyman, blue collar buys from Ford Corsairs to VW Golfs and all sorts of Vauxhalls and there is nothing wrong with that.

He’s spent a small fortune and he’s happy. However, loyal readers, what would you rather do? Have loads of fairly ordinary cars, or save up for some special treats. Immerse yourself in a Bentley, fool around in a Ferrari or just get yourself something interestingly classic.

You can watch the full story of Mr Ruddick right here.