Expensive, but makes the standard Gallardo seem almost ordinary.

What’s new?

Take one Gallardo, boost the power to 520bhp and then sharpen the steering, stiffen the suspension and reduce the gearing.Next fit a set of Pirelli P-zero Corsa tyres on new ‘Callisto’ rims. In other words, tune the Gallardo up for maximum attack.

Then serve at a suitably roasting temperature, complemented with styling revisions around the air intakes and a cool black roof section. Limit to 250 units worldwide.

Et voila, you have the Lamborghini Gallardo SE.

Do the changes work?

Yes. The Gallardo has always been astonishing: a fusion of real-world pace and supercar exotica. Now it looks even better – those styling revisions really finish off what is a dramatic but classily restrained shape. Now the visual punch is a killer.

And then you climb inside and grasp the hard, suede sports steering wheel and survey an interior that’s a cross between an Italian exotic and an Audi A8. Slightly disconcerting at first, but effective in that everything works, and it’s easy to get comfortable too.

In fact, the SE is ridiculously easy to drive, save the clunky semi automatic gearbox that requires some thought, especially when you’re slowing to a standstill.

But out on the open this car is an utterly spectacular machine, offering pace comparable to a Porsche 911 Turbo with a drama all of its own.

Body control on a demanding road is exceptional; grip, traction and braking levels are all extremely high, and the power down the straights is intoxicating. The new steering is both more direct and more informative.

And then there’s the noise… With the new exhaust, the Gallardo bellows like you wouldn’t believe. It’s ultimate street theatre, yet with a raw edge of driving ability thrown in too.

Should I buy one?

Of course you should. Well, that’s easy to say if you can afford the £134,000 asking price.

But seriously, such is the almost overwhelming experience of spending a number of hours behind the SE’s steering wheel, it takes no effort at all to convince yourself that this is a wise purchase. The Gallardo SE mixes style and performance like few others.

Adam Towler

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EricChauvineau 22 April 2021

Even in 2021 this car is amazing. For a price under 100k i think its def more accessible than 15 years ago. Can be a good car for the last days of your life ! Enjoying the speed and the classic of Lambo :)