With the previous Jeep Cherokee, there was something to hang on to. No, it was not the quietest, fastest, most comfortable or best-appointed car in the class.

But it was nonetheless a Jeep and, as such, it had its charms and it would go places that cars from the makers of other 4x4s would not. Besides, all SUVs felt a bit sloppy back then.

It's hard to think of company in which this Jeep's flaws wouldn't be exposed

Today, however, they don’t, and while the Jeep has joined them in using softer architecture underneath the Cherokee, what it hasn’t done is significantly improve the driving experience or, to a strong enough extent, the interior ambience.

In fact, interior space aside, it’s tough to think of an area in which the Cherokee gives its rivals a hard time. And our residual value experts think that customers will twig this, too.

Rivals like the Hyundai Santa Fe, Skoda Kodiaq and Ford Kuga remain the cars of choice in this class, and even alternatives like the Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander remain preferable to the new Cherokee.