An improvement over the old model, but there are better rivals for similar - or less - money.

What’s New?Following on from the Fiesta, this is facelifted version of Ford’s high-rise supermini. The dash gets a new soft-moulded skin, revised switchgear and a new audio system. Outside, the nose styling has been tweaked.What’s it like?Like a taller Fiesta, with a higher driving position. There are aspects of its design that are genuinely useful, such as the lipless boot opening, fold-forward front passenger seat (essential for the flatpack generation) and comfortable driving position. It can also swallow four adults thanks to the high roofline and easy entry and exit.It handles neatly enough though suffers noticeably more roll than the Fiesta. But its biggest problem is poor background refinement, with tyre noise noticeably worse than the Fiesta. However, the diesel engine also pulls noticeably better than its 1.4-litre sister.Should I get one?If you want a five-door Fiesta, it’s worth a look at the right price. But then the sophisticated Honda Jazz has equal load carrying versatility for less money, the Renault Modus is better finished and more stylish and the Vauxhall Meriva is a proper MPV.Hilton Holloway

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Mini1 5 July 2008

Re: Ford Fusion+ 1.6 TDCi

I love bargains like that - to pay under £10,000 for a car with so much spec and great economy must be a great feeling!

risquenun 5 July 2008

Re: Ford Fusion+ 1.6 TDCi

I drive in excess of 400 miles per week and have just replaced my 2006 Fiesta Style Climate 1.4tdci (which I bought new) with a June 2007 high spec Fusion 1.6tdci +.

My Fiesta had covered 43,000 trouble free miles and averaged between 50 and 55 to the gallon. The Fusion was previously owned by Ford and has done 10,000 miles. The difference in performance and economy is staggering. The Fusion checked tankful to tankful is showing 58mpg which is much better than I ever dreamed of. The engine is much livelier and the hesitation when pulling away which I found in the Fiesta is now a thing of the past. The Fusion does feel higher geared however as I find I am having to drop down an extra gear to comfortably take some hills.

The build quality seems fine and the car is definately quieter than the Fiesta. The seats are more comfortable and the extra interior room is a bonus with elderly parents.Having paid less than £10,000 for a car still under warranty with optional metallic, reflex pack and reversing aids I am very happy.