From £29,170
An all-weather roadster with a particularly impressive and punchy four-cylinder engine

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The Mercedes-Benz SLK has the right image, a posh cabin and it's easy to live with

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24 March 2011

44mpg for a 1.8T ,pretty impressive , well done MB

25 March 2011

And how much if you have a few toys? Heaps more than 30K I'd wager. A bit over styled, but maybe one of the best new Mercs all the same.

25 March 2011

The exterior a little overdone and interior a little over retro but still a great car and im sure a great drive.wouldnt mind one either!!

25 March 2011

In the US you can buy aftermarket stick-on plastic wood for the dashboard, centre console and steering wheel of your big fat pickup - it looks just like the interior shots of this Merc. Yuk.

Otherwise, seems like a fine car.

25 March 2011

7 speed manual, really? That's a lot of cog stirring for a car with that much torque.

25 March 2011

Is it a reflection or are those strip lights on the centre console and door card arm rests?

Aside from that, it looks like a good all rounder.



It's all about the twisties........

25 March 2011

I've just spec'd up the car on the German website. You'll be luck to see any for £30K Needless to say the press pics show the all singing/dancing one. From what I can make out on the German Mercedes site that's a 1st edition option for £10K euros!!!! very nice options right enough but one or two that won't really be required.

25 March 2011

looks like this and the new Z4 are aiming for exactly the same customer nowadays.

25 March 2011

£2,400 for the sky control roof

25 March 2011

David - the SLK200K gets a six-speed manual box.


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