A new version of the discontinued Honda S2000 will be among the stars of Honda's stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week
3 January 2013

A new interpretation of the Honda S2000 is among models to be shown at next week’s Tokyo Auto Salon by Honda.

The Honda S2000 Modulo Climax features what Honda describes as a “cutting edge design and a chic interior”. It is understood that modifications to the show car are purely cosmetic. 

Changes include a chrome blade running across the front grille which incorporates LED daytime running lights, a new vented rear bumper and bootlid-mounted corner winglets.

Honda has also prepared several modified versions of the Honda N-One kei car, including two Mugen versions featuring revised styling. It is not known if the 3-cylinder engine has been tweaked.

Other models include a pair of Honda N Box models, a Mugen CR-V design study, a CR-V-based concept and two race cars from the Japanese Super GT series.

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3 January 2013

Saw these photos before Christmas.  Why on Earth Honda would want to show a very light cosmetic re-fresh of an out-of-production car is beyond me.  It's not even like they've done much to it.  A pair of nasty bumpers and some winglets.

Stop teasing us and crack on with building a new S2000.

3 January 2013

Look everyone, we used to be able to design nice looking cars. Maybe one day we'll do it again.

3 January 2013

Agreeing with Myk, why show a car that's out of production with a few parts from Halfords bolted on?

And when you do the next version of the S2000 please make it so that someone over 6' can fit!

3 January 2013

I only hope the S2000 is being shown to prove Honda havent forgotten they used to make them, and that they are thinking about a future sports car. 

The N-One looks like it could do OK in europe, but i think at current exchange rates it would be way too expensive here

3 January 2013

After taking a serious beating in terms of global sales from lesser known brands Honda may finally be waking up to the challenge.

Well Toyota has with its GT86! Let's see what Honda can do!

3 January 2013

I like the Mugen N-One.  It looks like it should be voiced by Tom Hanks.

3 January 2013

....I want one

3 January 2013

That chrome on the front end looks really terrible.

3 January 2013

Looka like very very poor attempt to make what is now a geriactric model look more like a Jag than a Honda. YUK Uglyyyyyy

3 January 2013

peptdi wrote:

Looka like very very poor attempt to make what is now a geriactric model look more like a Jag than a Honda. YUK Uglyyyyyy


Very good point.  From the images I have seen, I would say that Honda probably design the most unattractive range of cars on the market 


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