Toyota bosses are close to deciding whether the acclaimed Lexus LF-LC concept car will enter into production. Toyota production planner Karl Schlicht said, “We want to make it and it’s looking better that we could possibly make it”.

Earlier this year Schlicht also said that the LF-LC’s chances were 50/50, having been rated as zero before the car was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Chances of the car getting the green light seem to have been raised at the Australian International Motor Show, where Lexus has exhibited the new LF-LC Blue.

The LF-LC Blue is a development of the model shown in Detroit and has the most powerful Lexus hybrid drive system the firm has developed, producing up to 500bhp.

Borrowing technology from the LFA supercar, the LF-LC Blue uses a combination of carbonfibre and aluminium alloy materials.

Lexus has also said that the concept provides an ideal platform for the next-generation Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system and is “actively studying” how it can engineer a vehicle like it in the future.

Dan Cogger