Alfa Romeo has launched a dual-clutch automatic transmission for the Giulietta and Mito at the Paris motor show.

The six-speed ’box, called TCT, has been developed in-house at Fiat and uses a pair of dry clutches. It will be showcased at Paris in a Giulietta equipped with the 168bhp 1.4 MultiAir petrol engine. TCT will later be available with the 168bhp 2.0 JTDm model.

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TCT-equipped Giuliettas will also include stop-start; CO2 emissions in the MultiAir version will be 121g/km.

The gearbox will also be available in the 133bhp 1.4 Mito; this car will be on Alfa’s show stand. The TCT Mito shaves 0.2sec off the manual’s 0-62mph of 8.4sec, while CO2 emissions are cut by 3g/km to 126g/km.

Alfa has also launched a new 138bhp, 258lb ft 2.0 JTDm diesel engine for the Giulietta at the Paris show. The turbodiesel has CO2 emissions of 119g/km and combined economy of 62.8mpg; Alfa is pitching it at the fleet market, as well as private buyers.

Other Alfa show exhibits include the revised 159 saloon and estate, equipped with a newly Euro 5-compliant 134bhp JDTm-2 diesel engine.

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