A mid-sized saloon powered by hydrogen will go on sale in Europe next year
16 April 2014

Toyota has confirmed it will launch a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car in 2015, but said sales volumes would be limited. 

The car, which will be a mid-sized saloon comparable to the current Avensis, will closely reference the Toyota FCV concept shown at the Geneva motor show last month.

Toyota says it will use a high-density fuel stack and will have the potential to cover 500 miles on a single tank of fuel.

European president, Didier Leroy said he recognised fuel cell technology will take time to be adopted. “To help that happen we will bring a reasonable number of cars to Europe. The volume will be limited, but they will be visible on the streets,” he said.

The firm is working with BMW to accelerate its fuel cell research and development. Karl Schlicht, Toyota Europe’s second in command said the firm would pioneer the technology and points to Toyota’s role in the widespread adoption of hybrid drivetrains. He said: “There is of course a long way to go, as with any game-changing technology, but remember the same was said about hybrid only 10 years ago.

“Toyota is ready to back and lead this change, so we will be pioneering fuel cell step by step.”

He also said that hydrogen fuel is easy to store, better at capturing renewable energies than batteries and can be produced anywhere. “Taking these facts into account reinforces how Toyota is convinced fuel cell can deliver our ultimate goal of zero emissions and sustainable transport,” he said.

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16 April 2014
"sales volumes would be limited" as would the fuel. The story forgot to mention the fuel cost per mile will be the same if not more than petrol, if you could get the stuff in the first place that is. Then there's the price, yet again no mention of the outright purchase price of the car as with all 'potential' hydrogen projects. There's been a hydrogen story about once a month from when BMW tried it around 8 years ago with the 7 series how about NO MORE projects/ dreams until a car is available to the general public to buy outright in the UK.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

16 April 2014
A decade and a half ago when Toyota introduced the hybrid Prius some Neanderthals gave us their crystal clear verdict that it won't work. Well, it did. In fact so well that now each and every car maker from premium to sport is in the race to develop a hybrid car. I won't bet my house against Toyota's hydrogen car project no matter how unfeasible it seems now.

19 April 2014
Hydrogen is no more a fuel than is electricity, and so called 'fuel' cells contain no more fuel than does a battery.

20 April 2014
such pedantry does no more than fuel speculation.

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