The Toyota Mirai goes on sale in Europe in September

Toyota Mirai

The Mirai is Toyota's first stab at a UK production hydrogen fuel cell-powered car. What's it like to drive and does it make sense?

Toyota Aygo
The Aygo city car faces stiff competition from the likes of the Volkswagen Up and Fiat Panda

Toyota Aygo

Toyota gets mildly adventurous with its second-generation city car

Toyota Auris
The Toyota Auris is a sharp-looking hatchback, but it lags behind its rivals in terms of dynamics and interior finish

Toyota Auris

The new Toyota Auris is super-rational and likely to be a good ownership proposition, but it lacks character and is dynamically behind the class best

Toyota RAV4
This is the fourth model in the RAV4's history

Toyota RAV4

Likeable RAV4 4x4 grows and matures but loses originality and still falls short of the class’s highest dynamic standards

Toyota Verso
Toyota's seven-seat Verso MPV majors on practicality and durability

Toyota Verso

Appealing to some, thanks to a fine balance of quality, space and refinement, but rarely thrilling to be in

From £16,8157
Toyota Auris Touring Sports
The Touring Sports shares the hatchback's wheelbase but is significantly longer overall

Toyota Auris Touring Sports

Toyota extends its range – and its hybrid line-up – to include a compact family estate

Toyota counts this as the world's first full hybrid supermini

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota’s hybrid tech rolls out into Europe’s biggest market segment

The UN’s favourite limo is baying for Range Rover blood

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is a dinosaur, but likeable. Pricey to buy and run

From £64,0746
Toyota Rav4 is heroically bland to look at

Toyota RAV4 2006-2012

The Toyota RAV4 offers tidy handling and fine engines, but also a choppy ride and high price

From £23,3907
Toyota Yaris
Toyota’s supermini chases the Fiesta and Polo buyer

Toyota Yaris

The original Toyota Yaris was a landmark car, but it then lost ground to more talented rivals. Can it regain its crown?

From £10,1147
The Aygo has the infectious appeal we all expect from small cars that it’s a shame it has uneven abilities

Toyota Aygo 2005-2014

The Toyota Aygo promises Japanese reliability and French charm, but does it deliver?

From £7,7556
The Toyota Auris has little of the sparkle or brilliance of class leaders

Toyota Auris 2007-2012

The Toyota Auris is a spacious, but unspectacular attempt at a high quality Golf rival. Only the availability of a hybrid lifts it from obscurity

From £11,9456
Is this the small car revolution Toyota claims it is?

Toyota iQ

Is the Toyota IQ the small car revolution which its maker claims it is?

From £10,3198
All-new Prius blends hyper-low CO2 with credible real-world pace

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is an easy and very visible route to greenness

From £21,2148
Toyota tries to maintain the substance and turn up the style

Toyota Avensis

The Toyota Avensis is adequate but generally underwhelming family transport

From £17,7456
Toyota doesn’t count the Jazz as a direct rival to the Verso-S, which is odd

Toyota Verso-S

Spacious Yaris-based mini-MPV makes a comeback

From £14,2156
Rugged Land Cruiser is happiest when asked to cope with terrain like this

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is capable, but its rugged nature is better suited to Africa than the UK

From £30,7056
The stated criteria for the GT86 read like a purist's manifesto: rear-drive, no turbo, ordinary tyres

Toyota GT86

This light, uncomplicated coupé promises so much. Can the Toyota GT86 deliver?

From £24,99510
Two engines are available in the UK: a 1.33-litre petrol and a 1.4-litre diesel

Toyota Urban Cruiser 2009-2012

The Toyota Urban Cruiser is a slightly odd city car that's dull to drive, despite some good engines and a funky exterior

From £15,6856

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