American firm wants to take back the title of making the world's fastes car from Bugatti

Shelby SuperCars is planning to launch a new model to take back the world land speed record for a production car from Bugatti.

Shelby’s SSC Ultimate Aero first set the record back in 2007 with a time of 412.28km/h (256.23mph), set on a closed 19km (12 mile) stretch of road in Nevada.

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But Bugatti’s new Veyron 16.4 Super Sport model clocked 431.072km/h (267.91mph) at Volkswagen’s 21km (13 mile) Ehra-Lessien test track in late June.

In a statement, Shelby said it was working a new model that would be “upping the ante all fronts”.

“We’ve been working on a new project to debut before the end of the summer. Not much can be said at this time except that we’ll be upping the ante on all fronts.

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“We would like to congratulate Bugatti. When the Ultimate Aero broke the record in 2007, we knew it was just a matter of time until it was broken by someone else.”

Shelby believes having its new design chief Jason Castriota on board will allow it to find the extra speed required to top Bugatti’s record with a more aerodynamic design.

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Castriota has worked on designs in the past including the Bertone Mantide and Pininfarina P4/5. In regards to Castriota’s first design for the company, Shelby said it was “anxious to show the world what we have up our sleeve”.

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13 July 2010

The Shelby looks like a cross between a Lamborghini Diablo and a McLaren F1 but made from Tupperware. At least the Bugatti is the finished article.

13 July 2010

Sad. 270 in a Veyron or a Shelby? Easy decision.

13 July 2010

[quote Symanski]

The Shelby looks like a cross between a Lamborghini Diablo and a McLaren F1 but made from Tupperware. At least the Bugatti is the finished article.

[/quote]So true, looks like something cobbled together out of left overs that Bugatti new were not up to the task. I would not fancy doing 100moh in it never mind over 250mph!

13 July 2010

Look at the two inch inset of the side windows, it's like a 70's kit car. In fact the whole thing looks just like a cheapo kit car, the headlights are a nightmare and the design just doesn't flow at all. I wouldn't want to be in this thing at anything more the 70...

13 July 2010

Surely it would be possible to offer for sale a shed with a jet engine that travelled at 269mph legally in some US states. The Shelby should not be claimed to be a proper road car, do they really have so little type approval that something like this can get through?

13 July 2010

Faced with 270 in a yank kit car or the Buguggly Verywrong I'd take 240 in an F1 :D

13 July 2010

My pencil is longer than yours .... neh neh n nehh nehh

13 July 2010

Looks like a big ol' kit car from deep in the heart of Texas!, come on, i can't remember a decent supercar to come out of the US of A in a long time!!!

Peter Cavellini.

13 July 2010

[quote Peter Cavellini] i can't remember a decent supercar to come out of the US of A in a long time!!![/quote] Oh come on thats not fare, there was KIT & The General Lee they could do anything. I think KIT was capable of way in excess of 300 LOL

13 July 2010

As said, its just not really a proper road car as such, the whole point of the Veyron is you can use it as an everyday car and still go at 250mph should you chose to do so. Probably not a good idea in Tesco's car park. Saying that not even Bugatti could go as fast around a Tesco's car park than the local yoofs near me in a Vauxhal Nova.


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