Porsche is developing a four-cylinder engine, expected to power facelifted versions of the Boxster and Cayman
10 April 2013

Rumours suggesting Porsche is set to reveal its own four-cylinder boxer engine at the Frankfurt motor show in September have been emphatically denied by officials from the German car maker, who suggest such a move is at least three years away.

"It is no real secret that we are working on a four-cylinder engine. But it is still in an early development phase. On current planning, it will be another three years at least before we will be ready to reveal anything official on this subject," a Zuffenhausen-based Porsche official with knowledge of future product activities revealed to Autocar, adding, "It is not due before 2016." 

The new turbocharged four-cylinder direct-injection boxer engine is set to share its architecture with the larger six-cylinder unit already in use in the Boxster, Cayman and 911.

Its first appearance is expected to be in a facelifted version of the third-generation Boxster and recently launched second-generation Cayman – both due to head into showrooms in 2016.

However, in-line four-cylinder engines will appear in Porsche models before 2016. Volkswagen-sourced turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol and common rail diesel units will feature in the upcoming Porsche Macan SUV

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10 April 2013

Kinda sad.

10 April 2013

Chip35 wrote:

Kinda sad.

Why? Don't get hung up on the fact there has never been one before, that misses the point. If the car drives well with a 4 pot engine, gets decent fuel economy, maybe even lower the starting price, whats not to like?

10 April 2013

The boxster makes sense with a flat four.  I just feel the cayman deserves the 6. 

10 April 2013

Hopefully 'share its architecture with the larger six-cylinder unit' doesn't mean the same bore/stoke dimensions. If so, that would mean a standard Boxster would become 1804cc and the Boxster S 2291cc. Even with turbos that seems a little on the small side for a sports car. This is just opinion/speculation on my part, of course.

10 April 2013

The 911 started out with a 130 hp air cooled 6 of just under 2.0 litres.

The trend towards ever larger and more powerful engines has to come to a halt sometime. With the EU bringing in ever more controlling laws into effect, BMW reducing production of 6 cylinder petrol engines and introducing 3 cylinder cars soon this will be a trend copied by all car brands.

Even in the USA the V8 is becoming rare and replaced by V6's and even 4 cylinder cars.


10 April 2013

Mike, I disagree. If the output and feel of the engine is done right, then the size is irrelavant.

Maybe its because I've had 3 Smart Roadster, where engine size had nothing to do with the amount of fun I used to get when driving it, but size of an engine to me isn't factor. It is how that power is placed, and how it the car drives. Porsche are taking their time with this, rather than just picking an engine off the VW shelf 

10 April 2013

I have to disagree too!

Alfa are good example of what can be achieved with a small capacity turbo engine in their 4C with its 1750 tbi (237BHP).

I'm sure a flat 4 Porsche will sound as distinctive as the flat 6.

"Why is http://www.nanoflowcell.com not getting more media attention? It could be the future... Now!"

10 April 2013

Wasnt much wrong with the 924 or 944 was there .

Porshe are very unlikely to produce a dog .

10 April 2013

Looking forward to these new engines. Lighter and more compact for better performance handling and fuel economy. How the traditionalists will view it though remains to be seen - I still remember the change to water-cooling. Some still haven't got over that.

10 April 2013

Not necessarily. I drive a Subaru Legacy with a 2.5 Boxer 4 cylinder, and its a great engine, full of character.



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