Porsche 918 Spyder will be more powerful when it makes production in 2014

Porsche will up the power of its 918 Spyder when it makes production in 2014.

The concept car was shown to potential customers at a private viewing at Pebble Beach last weekend. A 500bhp V8 petrol engine - a development of the RS Spyder racer’s 3.4-litre unit – and a brace of electric motors with a combined output of 218bhp powers it.

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Insiders at the event said both the power and displacement of the petrol engine would be increased for production. The 918 was shown moving under its own power at Pebble Beach for the first time.

It was also said at the event that the 918 is being developed wearing Boxster and Cayman bodies and it will be offered in both hard-top and soft-top forms for production.

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The front-end crash structure will also be bolstered by the addition of more aluminium. The concept’s 22-inch alloys are unlikely to make production, it was revealed, while the side exhausts may move around to the rear.

For production the 918 will get a touch-screen infotainment system and cameras will replace the side mirrors, with the images appearing on the instrument cluster.

Production is now expected to total 1200 units, each costing more than £400,000.

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17 August 2010

Looks very tasty, but £400K is an awful lot of dosh, still, by the time it reaches production I would bet most will be sold. Still some very very wealthy people out there who just have to have the latest car, regardless of price or perfomance!

To live is to drive

17 August 2010

Stunning car. Although Porsche do not generally try to outdo their rivals on just power alone, I wouldn`t be suprised if the 918 mustered a bit more power than 718bhp.

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