New turbocharged four-cylinder engine to help Porsche cut CO2 emissions; set for its debut in next-gen Cayman and Boxster models
21 March 2014

Porsche boss Matthias Müller has confirmed long-running rumours suggesting future incarnations of the Boxster and Cayman are in line to receive a turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine.

In an interview with Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport magazine, 60-year-old Müller said Porsche road cars would follow the lead of the company’s hi-tech 919 Hybrid race car in receiving four-cylinder engines.

But while the 919 Hybrid runs a unique vee-configured engine, the unit being readied for the Boxster and Cayman will follow the lead of Porsche’s classic six-cylinder engine with a 180deg horizontally opposed layout as part of a modular engine strategy.

“We will continue with the downsizing strategy and develop a new four-cylinder boxer engine which will see service in the next-generation Boxster and Cayman,” said Müller. “We will not separate ourselves from efforts to reduce CO2.”

When queried on the output of the new four-cylinder boxer engine, Müller suggested it would boast “up to 400ps [395bhp]”.

Today’s naturally aspirated 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine develop up to 325bhp and 335bhp respectively in the new range-topping Boxster and Cayman GTS models, which were revealed earlier this week.

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21 March 2014

I was worried Porsche may drop diesel lumps in their entey level coupes as they do in TT and Scirocco. I'm glad my fears were misplaced.

21 March 2014

A mini Flat6 or like Subaru's flat 4...?

"Why is not getting more media attention? It could be the future... Now!"

21 March 2014

Well, lets hope that Porsche steps up its design and quality control processes with this new engine following the 911's engine fires, not to mention other problems that the water-cooled flat 6 is known to develop but go unnoticed and unreported.

21 March 2014

But, what a sadness!!!
I think now I will prefer electric power...

21 March 2014

A logical progression and will help develop a more individual identity and character for the Boxster and Cayman. With less weight an zingy 4 cylinder boxer engines these are going to be fantastic and hopefully light weight cars. Can't wait.

21 March 2014

Sounds interesting and hopefully will come to the Carrera also,I could maybe afford one then !


21 March 2014

An idendity : how forget the character of the NA Flat 6?
It's the same with BMW.
We can't forget the six pots...

21 March 2014

Having had 6 cylinder BMWs we decided to save fuel and go with 4 cylinder 125i. It may be moderately quick but it sounds dreadful. Even worse, it isn't as economical as the 90 bhp more powerful 6.
Porsche - I think you're making a huge mistake.

22 March 2014

Porsche had to go this way sooner or later,lets just hope this 4 cylinder is a real belter!

Peter Cavellini.

22 March 2014

Another manufacturer goes done the 4 cylinder route. 4 cylinder engines are the beige cardigans of the engine world. Safe. Dull. Cheap. As with BMW this will be bad for the customer. As Mr£4worth has experienced a BMW N20 4 cylinder turbo is no substitute for a straight six and despite BMW's claims of efficiency due to "downsizing" are utter rubbish just like the noise coming from the cheap nasty engine they have sold to you. And to rub salt in the wound the price of the new N20 engined BMWs is actually higher than the old 325i equivalent. So it will be with the new Porsche engines. You will find that a 340bhp to 350bhp 4 cylinder Boxster/Cayman will be much more expensive than the old flat 6 car with just slightly less power. And just like BMW the quality of the interior and construction will suffer. As German manufacturers chase volume their quality goes down, the exclusivity disappears but their prices go up.


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