Latest special edition has been commissioned for a Middle East client

Pagani has unveiled another one-off special edition of its Zonda hypercar.

Called the 750 and commissioned by a Middle East client, it is based on the exclusive Cinque roadster, of which only five have been made, with a number of bespoke additions.

See official pictures of the Pagani Zonda 750

As can be seen from these images it comes with a purple paint job and a unique air inlet set on the roof of the car accommodated by a different rear window design. It also has a purple interior.

Official details are scarce, but there is speculation that the 750 moniker may denote the amount of horsepower the car offers.

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This would be an increase over the 669bhp produced by the 7.3-litre V12 in the Zonda Cinque, so it is likely the 750 will be able to go from 0-62mph in around three seconds.

It is the third such one-off Zonda produced after the HH, built for Chicago-based software mogul David Heinemeier Hansson, and the Uno, built for the Qatari royal family.

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13 October 2010

It's hideous!

13 October 2010

Nice to see it has all the taste of any of the other middle east specials.

Come on Pagani, just because a buyer throws mega money at you and orders a car with slightly different spec to something else does not make it a whole new special edition.

what next , another buyer wants that exact car but wants a it in blue with sheepskin mats . does that then make that a one of special edition Pagani Zonda 750BS

13 October 2010

It's all such rubbish, isn't it?

13 October 2010

whats wrong with it. i'd have a suzuki baleno 1.8. maybe some american billionaire bought it. but all the billionaires have donated their money to charity. i love balenos, they go go go, they look like baleno.


13 October 2010

Is so much PR hype required each time a tasteless Arab decides to burn some cash. Why is this news and what is it doing on the opening page of Autocar?!!

What next, a camel with gold teeth wearing a diamond necklace!!

13 October 2010

No. Apparently the camel already has a Zonda but is considering buying one of those limited edition, extended wheelbase Rolls Royce Phantom Two-Tone Khamums (You know the one: lapis lazuli flipflop paint, goldplated brightwork and a bespoke interior of resin-soaked-linen-wrap-look upholstery.)

13 October 2010

Surely we know by now that Autocar has no shame.

This sums up all that is going wrong in the world of fast cars, and Autocar's complicit role in that.

14 October 2010

This is yet another car destined for the middle east on the personal whim of a very wealthy man. Any complaints that this is a sign that the supercar market is heading in the wrong direction is spurious to say the least. Pagani is no large supercar manufacturer and so cannot afford to turn down such offers.

14 October 2010

What's the moaning all about?!,if your a bored middle eastern client,with nothing really to amuse yourself with ,why not get a one of, or a limited production run of what you'd like your own personal transport to look like, and while your at it,make some as gifts for your family?,money isn't an issue if your making it as fast as you can spend it!, wouldn't mind being in that position myself, wouldn't you?.

Peter Cavellini.

14 October 2010

Not sure why you guys are so upset about - bespoke models have been around since forever, and many of them have been considerably less stylish then what the designers originally had in mind. Can't remember the name of the actress who ordered her Ferrari 275 GTS in yellow with green or brown leather...

I'm glad that the large numbers of very wealthy people has led to a resurgence in bespoke creations that owners are happy to show off. Especially since the Sultan of Brunei has always been so annoyingly reclusive about the contents of his very unique collection of bespoke exotics!


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