A number of new SUVs could be added to Audi’s already-extensive range. 

These include a new-generation Q7 SUV, 350kg lighter than the current car and at least one more coupé-like SUV that will slot between the Q3 and Q5. A sub-Q3 baby SUV is also planned, possibly inspired by the Crosslane Coupé, which was unveiled at September's Paris motor show.

Audi’s head of technical development, Wolfgang Durheimer, told Autocar the next-generation Q7 will benefit from a new ‘multi-materials’ version of Audi’s next-generation MLB platform. 

An updated version of the architecture that underpins today’s A4 to A7 models, the super-light version of the new MLB architecture used by the 2014 Q7 will mix steel, aluminium and carbonfibre structural parts. New riveting and bonding techniques are used in the construction and the bare body shell will be 200kg lighter than today’s Q7. 

The new Q7 structure is also likely to be used by the next Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental and forthcoming SUV.

The Audi management team will meet within the next week or so to prioritise these future projects, with the most important to get the green light immediately.

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