New 918-related concept lined up to mark firm's return to January show
3 December 2010

Porsche is lining up a new supercar, closely linked to the hi-tech 918 Spyder hybrid, to mark its return to the Detroit motor show in January.

Sources in Germany say the centrepiece of the Stuttgart firm’s appearance at Detroit will be a “spectacular new concept that points towards a future roadgoing model”. It’s thought the car will share some key components, including elements of its platform, with the 918 Spyder, the star of the Geneva show earlier this year.

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No details of the car have been released, but it’s possible that Porsche is planning to capitalise on high demand for the 918 by fast-tracking a more conventionally powered ‘halo’ model to market.

Porsche has been absent from the Detroit show since 2006. But it is returning this year as part of the ever-expanding Volkswagen Group line-up.

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3 December 2010

Drool ....(flicks to Jaguar supercar ) ... drool ...

3 December 2010

Yawn, looks like a Max Power Boxster - nothing special about it. Why do Porsche keep making the same car over and over and give it a different name thinking they can fool everyone? Not good enough Porsche. Give me the BMW Efficient Dynamics anytime.

3 December 2010

It looks like the pieces of several Airfix model kits have got muddled up. I'm sure that I recognise some parts from the kit for the F18A Hornet.

3 December 2010

[quote The Special One]looks like a Max Power Boxster - nothing special about it[/quote]

A Boxster??? Just about the most bland car they've ever made? At least the front of the 918 looks different from the rear. That side view has a good dollop of Ferrari Dino about it too, particularly the front wheelarch. Yum. My silly lottery money definitely goes here.

3 December 2010

Bland car lol, are you for real! It's a masterpiece, just like the CGT is. You simply can not compare something like this to a Boxster???

and a F18A....I think you mean a F/A-18, it would be a tough choice if you could buy one of them!

3 December 2010

[quote The Special One]Yawn. Why do Porsche keep making the same car over and over/[/quote]Yawn. Why does this blogger make the same comment over and over?

4 December 2010

ther`s some misleading in all this one.

Autocar should already know that since Geneva, Porsche has opened orders for the 918 spyder due to be on market in 2014.

Anyway I already have seen some order forms, know dealers with cars booked.

... but, as usual, we can always keep talking generally about cars.

4 December 2010

it is a masterpiece porsche do it as soon as it get

4 December 2010

This will be a very good car,yes,but i must

be honest and say the way it looks does

not pull me.

A new Porsche,o no,not another 911 look a like,

its past a joke.

4 December 2010

[quote kdwilcox]not another 911 look-a-like,[/quote]This has to be the most overplayed, unthinking, gibe on the board.

What does the front of an Alfa Romeo resemble if not another Alfa? It doesn't matter whether a saloon, sports car, or estate, they are meant to present a strong corporate image of ... an Alfa. What does the front of an Audi look like? ... correct, an Audi. Almost every manufacturer strives for some sort of brand cohesion. However, in this case nothing is more distant in design than a 918 from a 911.


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