Sporty Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept revealed at Pebble Beach
16 August 2010

Jaguar has taken the wraps off this new XJ design concept at Pebble Beach, hinting at the styling direction for an XJR super-saloon.

Officially the one-off Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept has been built as part of Jaguar’s 75th anniversary celebrations to show off the scope for customising the new luxury saloon, but many of its styling changes could easily be adopted by an XJR.

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Styling changes including ground-hugging front, rear and side sills give the Platinum Concept the look of the smaller XFR saloon. Other features include dark chrome and gloss black trim, Satin Matte Pearlescent White paintwork and bespoke 22-inch black alloys in a brushed contrast finish.

The long-wheelbase XJ Platinum Concept is powered by a 464bhp, 424lb ft version of the firm’s 5.0 supercharged V8. In the XJR, power is likely to exceed the 503bhp produced in the XJ Supersports, XFR and XKR models.

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Jaguar insists “there are no plans yet” for an XJR and that the Platinum Concept “is just a design one-off”, but such a model is almost certain to appear in the XJ’s lifetime given the badge’s history.

Jaguar XJ chief designer Giles Taylor said the concept “brought the pure sporting character of the XJ to the fore by keeping the car’s clean graphic approach and further lowering its stance”.

Changes have been to its Jet Softgrain leather interior, too. A gloss pearlescent white finish is applied to the air vents, veneers and diamond stitch suede inserts to the seats and headliner, while suede and leather accents also feature. The centre console also houses a bespoke clock developed and designed by Jaguar alongside British watchmaker Bremont Watch Company.

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14 August 2010

Lose the pebble beach flashiness and this is the car Jag should be producing now, the XJR will and always has sold well, the XJ range needs a flagship, andwith the bodywork extensions it really does highlight what a beautiful machine the new XJ is bar the rear screen pillars.

14 August 2010

What a surprise - NOT. Like the XF Jaguar did a XF 'Super V8' then 18 months later - XFR. They will do the same with XJ. At the moment its a 'Supersport' & give it a year & there will be a XJR. Probably with 550 BHP & 700Nm. I bet it will be available with the Speed & Black Packs currently available on XKR & just about to become available on XFR & XF D 'S' models.

14 August 2010

[quote Citytiger]what a beautiful machine the new XJ is bar the rear screen pillars.[/quote]

I still can't believe that this feature made production. Its such a glaring fault in what is otherwise, in my opinion, a striking machine.

14 August 2010

It could be that the rear C-Pillar & panels that top & bottom it couldn't be pressed out on one sheet of Aluminium? If you look at shape it would have been it had been one piece from tail light & corner of rear screen to the bottom of the A-Pillar. Perhaps they have used that fact to make a feature out of it?

14 August 2010

I'm having a crisis....

14 August 2010

Oh dear!

I dont think that was designed with the UK in mind. Maybe the middle east or China? Where ever it was designed for has a different idea of 'tasteful design' to the European market.

14 August 2010

[quote TStag]

I'm having a crisis....


Ohh dear, whats the problem?

15 August 2010

absolutely beautiful...all it needs is the sound of a spitfire

15 August 2010

Words cannot describe the horror...

15 August 2010

i like some of the elements of Jags new design thinking, but i'm not a huge fan of the XJ, & this is truly awful, taste it seems is slipping away from Jag!


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