Jaguar has given the green light to a replacement for the X-Type and the long-awaited ‘F-Type’ roadster, according to Tata Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster.

Both the new X-Type and F-Type, expected to be called XE for production, need to come in “several variations” he added.

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Forster, talking to a German trade paper Automobilwoche, also said that an XF estate car was on the way, along with a long wheel base XF for the Chinese market.

Jaguar is currently exposed in a global market where most analysts see consumers moving towards ‘downsizing’.

Competing in the established BMW 3-series market sector is seen as essential for any premium carmaker.

Work is said to be well advanced on the X-Type replacement and “small sports car”, though there’s no news on the platform for either of the cars.

However, it’s thought likely that Jaguar is working on a new-generation medium-size rear-drive aluminium platform that will underpin the new X-Type, the F-Type and the replacement for today’s XF.

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