The hardcore Lexus LFA Nurburgring special edition will cost around £400,000.

The car has been created to celebrate the firm's involvement in the 24 hour race at the Nurburgring track and just 50 will be made. The performance pack with which the car is fitted will cost around an additional £55,000 over the car's £343,000 asking price.

The Nurburgring editions will be part of the total production run of 500 Lexus LFAs. Lexus says it already has more than 500 potential buyers, but has yet to say how customers will be selected.

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Power from its 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 engine has been increased by 10bhp thanks to a reworked exhaust system and tweaks to its ECU. It also gets a recalibrated transmission, which cuts shift speeds from 0.2secs to 0.15sec.

However, the 3.7sec 0-62mph time and 202mph top speed remain the same.

Visual changes on the track-focused LFA include a larger, fixed rear wing and a new front splitter. Mechanical upgrades include a stiffer suspension system with increased adjustability and new lightweight alloys featuring semi-slick tyres.

It will be available in four colours: Black, Matte Black, Whitest White and Orange. The Matte Black colour scheme is expected to command another £15,000 premium.

Buyers will also get a day of one-on-one driving tuition at the 'Ring, as well as a 365-day pass to the Nordschleife.

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