Porsche’s future model plans — thought to include a sub-Boxster sized roadster and the small ‘Cajun’ SUV — have been put on hold, according to new chairman Matthias Mueller.

Speaking to Autocar, Mueller said that a review of new models, not affecting revisions of existing line-ups like the 911 or Panamera, was about to start.

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“We have to clarify how we are to spread out our product programme — below, above, left and right and so on — and we will see,” he said.

Decisions are due to be made by the end of the year, but Mueller said that despite some scepticism, the idea of smaller Porsches is still alive. “There are a lot of questions still to be answered and we want to create a business case [for them],” he said. “Then it will be possible."

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Mueller also cast doubt over VW Chairman Martin Winterkorn’s assertion that Porsche should seek to sell 150,000 cars a year — almost double its current output. “Mr Winterkorn mentioned 150,000 units two weeks ago and I’ve seen that figure,” he said. “Of course we have to increase volume, but we first have to look at the other issues; we have to have profit and we intend to keep ourselves premium.”

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