The third-generation Mini could get a Clubman-style third door, if the prototype seen in these spy shots is representative of the production version.

Close examination seems to show a second shutline, disguised by tape, behind the driver’s door on this left-hand-drive example.

Although it might appear to be just a line of tape applied over the disguise, the driver’s door on this mule is also rather shorter than is typical for a three-door Mini.

BMW received criticism for the use of a single, rear-hinged ‘club door’ on the Clubman, partly because it was on the wrong side for right-hand-drive vehicles, but the company is known to be very keen on the principle. Twin club doors will be used on the production version of the Countryman-based Paceman Coupé and are also expected to be used on the second-generation Clubman.

Meanwhile, BMW has said that the tiny Mini Rocketman will not make it past the concept car stage. The new BMW/Mini front drive platform cannot be shrunk enough to be used for a 3.4m-long city car.