The styling will bear no relation to the concept but it has not yet been decided if the new SUV will be badged as an Aston Martin or a Lagonda

Aston Martin is continuing work on an SUV to rival the upcoming Bentley EXP 9 F. The car will be loosely based on the Lagonda concept from the 2009 Geneva motor show but Aston is promising a total restyle after near-universal criticism of the show car.

Like the 2009 car, the new SUV will be based on the underpinnings of the Mercedes-Benz G-class. Aston admits a deal is in place for Mercedes to supply platforms, drivetrains and even engines. Aston is likely to offer its own familiar 6.0-litre V12 in a flagship model, but a range of smaller petrol and diesel models and possibly even a hybrid will be offered.

The styling will bear no relation to the concept but it has not yet been decided if the new SUV will be badged as an Aston Martin or, like the show car, a Lagonda. 

With Bentley and Lamborghini readying luxury performance SUVs, Aston may feel that it no longer needs to take on the risk and expense of relaunching a half-forgotten brand. Mercedes’ own experience with Maybach is a lesson in how difficult it can be to do so successfully. 

Alistair Weaver

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17 July 2012

Please Aston, think about it. You really don't need to do this.

17 July 2012

Aston Martin is a racing brand....can we get back to that please


17 July 2012

Using G class platform? Are they insane? That's a 30 year old car. I hope there is some mistake in that statement.


And why are people so against sports car companies building SUVs? They need them to survive. It's done wonders for Porsche. Yes it does dillute the brand a bit, but as long it keeps interesting cars coming out along side the SUVs I've nothing but praise for them.

17 July 2012

Presumably you are after the nice top banana GL underpinings not the german army's G class chassis?

17 July 2012

If Aston need to do this to survive, i would rather they didnt.

In another news item they are said to be thinking of small engines too. I think the Signet proves they think all you need to do is stick an Aston badge on a car to sell it. whilst thats sadly true it doesnt mean they should.

17 July 2012

Stick to what you are good at building sport cars but one more thing sort them out make a really fast one one that can do at least 200mph (not including One 77) and Jag should leave the SUV's to land rover.

If You make a SUV aston you will lose your soul and your disarability just dont please


17 July 2012

Did Aston Martin not learn from the last "Lagonda" it produced, which sold less than 650 units during its sad 16-year production (1976-1990)? ... Whilst this hefty lump is not as tragic looking as Towns's God-awful "folded paper" saloon, Aston Martin should stick to what it produces best (i.e. achingly-beautiful sports cars) ...

17 July 2012

Hopefully Aston mean the car will be launched on the forthcoming GL Class platform, not the current one that has been out for ages.

It takes real skill to translate a sports car design language onto an SUV and most have failed so far, with Lamborghini perhaps getting the closest. At least if Aston use the Lagonda name they can develop a separate language and dont have to stretch the current Aston theme to breaking point and damage the brand.

17 July 2012

...without it Bentley will have a clear run in its bid to build the ugliest offroader seen outside the old Eastern Bloc, plus everyone's used to the outrage of the Cygnet now meaning the brand badly needs something else to arouse the public's scorn.

17 July 2012

What is the point of this rediculous car? I would genuinely be embarrassed and ashamed to drive it. Mind you it would be nice to have an Aston that doesn't look like every other Aston.

In case Aston, Maserati and Bentley haven't heard, we are in a period of great austerity and environmental concerns. Vehicles like this are simply not needed, and it's only a matter of time before Governments and regulators realise this.


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