More spacious Insignia will become a truly global model; it will have new engines and revised styling

The next-generation Vauxhall Insignia has been spotted testing again ahead of its 2017 launch.

This latest sighting follows a stint of testing on and around the Nürburgring, where one car (shown in our gallery) was seen running with a VXR setup, comprised of larger wheels and dual exhaust tailpipes.

The future Insignia range is said to be larger, lighter and more efficient than the current one; the biggest change is expected to be a small elongation of the car’s wheelbase.

The next Insignia will be a global car, sold under the Vauxhall, Opel and Buick badges across Europe, the US and China. Here in Britain, it will remain a key rival to the Ford Mondeo.

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It is believed that the next Insignia is quite a long way from making its public debut; it's not expected to appear until the Paris motor show in the autumn, or potentially the Geneva motor show in March 2017. 

These spy shots suggest that the new Insignia will have an evolutionary look, with only minor styling changes to bring it into line with the rest of the Vauxhall range. Although heavy cladding hides the majority of the styling, it has a new swooping roofline, which is higher at the rear, and a wider rear end.

As well as increased rear space and easier access to rear cabin, thanks to the taller doors, the second-generation Insignia will get a bigger and more user-friendly boot. A new tailgate design with redesigned tail-lights will help to make the boot deeper, wider and taller boot than before, with a 565-litre capacity that will match that of the Skoda Superb.

Under its skin, the Insignia is based on a moderately updated version of GM’s familiar Epsilon 2 architecture. In European markets, the most important engine upgrades will be the debut of the new 1.6-litre CDTi diesel in the Insignia, which will replace today’s 2.0 CDTi unit.

General Motors will be targeting best-in-class refinement for the diesel Insignias. The new 1.6 CDTi engine will be offered in a range of outputs, starting at 136bhp and rising to around 170bhp.

Today’s Insignia is already available with GM’s new 1.6 SIDI turbocharged petrol engine in 168bhp form. This engine will also be offered in two lower-powered versions.

The Insignia will be offered with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which is expected to improve overall fuel economy by around 3% compared with the six-speed manual versions.

Additional reporting by Matthew Griffiths

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Vauxhall Insignia
Vauxhall's traditional family saloon is regular UK class sales champion

The Vauxhall Insignia is only small details away from rivalling the class best

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28 August 2015

Why are we in the UL fed this myth that there is such a car/brand called Vauxhall? The motoring press should be more responsible to its readership and question GM on the rebadged cars they are passing off as Vauxhall, like Ford or not they call their cars Ford wherever they are sold. Honda and Nissan too, and to a lesser extent Toyota who tries hard to sell younger people Toyotas called Scion.
By persisting with the name Vauxhall GM is duping the British public into the patriotic theme, but why don't we see the Vauxhall badge outside of the UK? Is GM ashamed to be associated with a UK name in their Global market? If so if it is not good enough abroad why should it be here? Look at Skoda for example, VW through and through but they allow the design to be led by Czechs, and they are sold in the global market as Skodas, not only in Czech.
Vauxhall is no more and the sooner we realise this the better.

28 August 2015
Factczech wrote:

Why are we in the UL...

UL - United Lesser Antilles? Uruguayan Leeward Islands? I give up. Where's the UL?

20 October 2015

The sales would probably halve in the Uk ,as the Opal name is very unappealing to the Uk customer, hence it was scrapped years ago when indeed Opal did have different models to Vauxhall, think it was the 70's.The only car made in the Uk is the Astra and I assume branded Opal for export.

20 October 2015

Vauxhall kind of still exist - GM still have manufacturing capacity in the UK making the Astra and Vivaro, although the Insignia is pure Opel. If you look at the data stamp inside the door it says Opel! Its just branding - Vauxhall is GM's UK trading name. Doesn't really matter.



19 April 2016

Slightly bigger. The question is: why? Is this for the US market? Do Russians like these? Does anyone other than deluded fleet managers buy these.

PS: shouldn't feed the trolls, I know, but probably FatCzech doesn't know about the great British love of screwing different name plates onto cars (Vanden Plas Allegro, Wolesley 1800, MG Metro etc etc)...


28 August 2015

"Why are we in the UL fed this myth that there is such a car/brand called Vauxhall?" - I can assure you that there is a car/brand called Vauxhall, I've seen them, they're all shiny with wheels and everything.

"By persisting with the name Vauxhall GM is duping the British public..."- yup, cos it's a big secret and you're the first one who's spotted it.


29 August 2015

Vauxhall, Opel and Buick badges. And Holden, Chevrolet, Cadillac as well, with minor adjustments this car will appear all over the world. Just like it's Mondeo , Passat, Camry, Accord, Sonata and Maxima competitors.

30 August 2015

"By persisting with the name Vauxhall GM is duping the British public into the patriotic theme" does that mean LJR products should have a TaTa badge?? Especially the ones coming from the forthcoming 'overseas' factories!


Hydrogen cars just went POP


10 September 2015

minor styling changes...

Longer wheelbase
A new swooping roofline which is higher at the rear
A wider rear end
Taller door apertures
Bigger and more user-friendly boot
New tailgate design
Redesigned taillight clusters
New family face taken from Monza concept
New interior

Yup, sounds like a minor facelift...

20 October 2015

to satisfy the US and Chinese markets, but I can't see Vauxhall selling many here. British buyers don't seem to want D-sector cars with anything other than a German badge on the bonnet. So why not use Opel for the more premium products like this, and keep Vauxhall for the bread and butter stuff like Astras and Corsas? Badge aside, I'm sure this will be a pretty good car.


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