BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo expected late 2017, featuring the same new platform and engines as the next-generation 5 Series saloon

The 2017 BMW 5 Series GT has been spied testing, with clear revisions to the front- and rear-end styling.

Although heavy camouflage covers much of the car, a similar face to the current 5 Series is visible and rear-end styling revisions are apparent. The tailgate also includes cladding which hides the shape of the rear, which suggests that notable changes will be made here after the divisive rear-end styling of the current-gen 5 Series GT. 

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Prototypes for BMW’s next-generation 5 Series GT hit the roads late last year ahead of the car’s planned launch at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017.

Set to arrive around 12 months after the new 5 Series saloon, which will be unveiled at the Paris motor show in October, the 5 Series GT will be the final of three body styles in the 5 Series range. A Touring model is scheduled to launch in Geneva next March.

The second generation of BMW’s more practical 5 Series variant will eschew some of the hatchback-inspired styling features of today’s car. These spy pictures reveal the rear of the car will receive a more clearly defined rear deck while the sloping roofline appears to be steeper than before. At the front, we expect the GT to receive many of the same flourishes as the 5 Series saloon, with cues taken from 2013’s Pininfarina Gran Lusso concept car.

As with the Saloon, the 5 Series GT will be based on a new platform, dubbed OKL, which already features on the new 7 Series. The platform is said to have allowed BMW to shed 100kg from the kerb weight of the 5 Series saloon. If the same feat can be achieved on the GT model, the new car should weigh significantly less than the 1990kg of the current car.

Engine options will mirror the rest of the 5 Series range, and at launch will include variants of BMW’s four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Joining the range, later on, will be 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol and diesel models, while a plug-in hybrid version, which will mate a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor, will appear farther down the line.

The 5 Series GT remains a niche choice for buyers in the UK, with BMW selling just 865 units here in 2015, compared to 4947 5 Series Touring models and 15,616 5 Series saloon. Prices for the current GT start at £38,045, but a starting price of around £40,000 seems likely for the new model.

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BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo
Despite its name, the 5 Series GT shares 7 Series underpinnings

The 5 Series Gran Turismo is an interesting concept, but the execution is flawed

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26 November 2015

The monster is back...

12 February 2016
david RS wrote:

The monster is back...

...too right, thought they'd have learned from the last one. Still, it makes a Bentaygaudi look slightly less bad.

13 February 2016

The 3- and 5-series GT has to be the most unattractive vehicles on BMW's line up by far and probably the most awkwardly designed cars in the industry. It looks like this new generation adopted some visual cues from the X4 and X6, which oddly enough looks more sporty and attractive than the current 5-series GT.
BMW should stick to their Gran Coupe variants of the 4- and 6-series, probably their only successful 4-door coupe transformations.

If you want a more practical 5-series BMW already has some models for you: the 5-series Touring or an X5. If you must, there's also the X4 and X6.

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