Land Rover's line-up is set to expand to 16 models by 2020 - and we've got the details of them all, including a 4m baby three-door, and BMW X5 rival and a five-car Defender family
7 November 2012

Land Rover has embarked on a massive new model blitz that could more than double its annual sales by 2020. It is almost certainly the biggest investment that the UK car industry has ever seen. Land Rover’s future model line-up will fully cover the three main areas of the booming global SUV market — luxury, leisure and utility.

According to Land Rover’s design director Gerry McGovern, the brand is set to expand all three of its model families. The plans include additional models for the Range Rover line-up, a new Defender family and a radical expansion of the Freelander range that will create four new ‘leisure’ SUVs during the next seven years.

Land Rover sources refuse to estimate the potential size of the car-maker once the seven-year plan has been introduced. However, market data suggests the global SUV market will reach 22 million units by 2020. If, by radically expanding its line-up, Land Rover captured around three per cent of that market, it would be close to producing 600,000 vehicles annually.

Hilton Holloway: What is Land Rover chasing?

According to what McGovern describes as a “holistic approach” to its future range, Land Rover plans to extend the Range Rover line-up to six models, including an ‘Evoque XL’, which slots into the hole that currently exists between the Evoque and the new Range Rover Sport  and a convertible Evoque. A baby three-door Range Rover just 4m long is also being considered.

The new Land-Rover-badged ‘leisure’ line-up will have at least five new models, kicking off with an entry-level Freelander similar in size to today’s Evoque. The Freelander itself will be reinvented in five-seat and seven-seat forms. The range will be topped by a new Discovery, which could switch to an aluminium platform, and be offered as a flagship to rival the successful BMW X5.

In the ‘dual purpose’ or ‘utility’ segment, Land Rover’s plan indicates that a production version of the Evoque-based DC100 is heading for the showroom, as well as the long-discussed replacement for the Defender. 

McGovern’s plan shows outline drawings for five-seat and seven-seat new Defenders as well as a crew-cab pick-up.

This dramatic expansion will put a huge strain on the investment and engineering capabilities of Jaguar Land Rover. JLR boss Ralf Speth has already spoken about 40 new JLR product launches in the next five years. He has pledged £2bn a year to underpin this, with the £10bn investment funding at least one new platform, plus increased capacity in the UK. 

However, not all of this investment is expected to be focused on the UK. JLR is wisely spreading its production footprint around the world to take advantage of booming global markets. 

Reports from China in early October said that the JLR joint venture with Chinese car maker Chery gained approval in record time from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission. 

About £1.8 billion will be invested in a new Chinese plant that will, in the first stages, have the capacity to build 130,000 vehicles per year, about 60 per cent of which will be Land Rover models.  

Reports say that Land Rover sales in China hit 47,975 units in the first eight months of the year, 85 per cent up on the same period in 2011. Its 96 Chinese dealer outlets will also soon be expanded by a further 47 showrooms. 

China is now JLR’s second biggest market, just behind the UK, and Chinese tastes are increasingly turning away from conventional luxury saloon cars towards SUVs.

Buyers of premium vehicles in China and Russia are also pushing for the opportunity to buy more limited-edition vehicles and customised styling packs, an opportunity JLR’s design teams are eager to capitalise on.

Back in the UK, JLR has put the finishing touches to its new aluminium press shop at Solihull and has just completed a new quality inspection building for the new Range Rover and its future sister vehicles. 

Work is also underway on the new JLR engine factory to be built in the West Midlands/Staffordshire area, while much of the research work into a new generation of super-frugal four-cylinder ‘Hotfire’ engines is being carried out by UK universities, including Warwick and Loughborough. 

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Range Rover
Range Rover has a maximum wading depth of 900mm

The fourth-generation Range Rover is here to be judged as a luxury car as much as it is a 4x4

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7 November 2012

, my best wishes to land rover, for the immense success, these are great plans but sounds hollow without a great defender replacement, some random named Dezynsmith seems to have got it right and has huge support for the concept on facebook, that concept would be ideal to lead this plan , just a thought


7 November 2012

I suppose we all like different things otherwise the world would be a boring place,from a personal viewpoint I think the DC100 is fantastic far better than Defender which is required for the leisure utility market ,yep they could do basic versions but the Defender will be replaced with something more basic and tractor like I expect.The Defender in current form does not sell less than 18ooo units worldwide if you take off the military and rescue side it is a handfull of farmers and the like whom purchase them ,not really a blueprint for a business plan if you are to invest hundreds of millions.

7 November 2012

no one has any doubts of the dc100 capabilities , we are sure the engineering team has done an extraordinary job, the problem seems to be the styling , which is GerryMcgovern's job, he seems to want all the credit for what the engineering and marketing seems to be dooing , the only thing wrong with the dc100 is how it look, the design team, had no vision , and understanding of how it should evolve, a car needs to show in its looks what it is capable of,, like a ferrari looks fast , the defender should look rugged, as to the business plan, toyota and nissan seems to have understood this segment far better than land rover and it shows in their sales volumes, a defender led strategy would never work until its backed by a design that people want to buy ,,, and the dc100 is not that



7 November 2012

The Land Rover dilution of the Range Rover name/image/brand continues...

8 November 2012

Maybe it's just me, but I really don't like where Land Rover is heading with it's styling.  The Evoque "Posh Spice" is just so Chavvy, Bling and "in your face", that surely no one with an ounce of sophistication and taste would want to buy. Looks like they're after the 20 year old "Hooray Henry" and "Essex Girl" market.  Can't wait for the Silver and Gold foiled ones! It seems they're heading that way across the range. What a shame.

9 November 2012

The DC100 streched over an Evoke running gear shows its true colours, Nice looking car that i can see being successful for a year or two, but no way a Defender replacment, and as lanehogger say's not sure where it fits and what it stands for.

The other designs i just hate, I have yet to see an estate/staion wagon design where the "C pillar" is made the dominant eliment rather than the D, the estate part of the car just looks like a lazy aferthought, bodged on to a saloon design. ughhh.

The odd thing is they realy do know how to buid the RR which is a briliant car

14 November 2012

I'm not at liberty to say how, but there is a major change to this plan.

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