But the results make disappointing for most European brands

Porsche is top of the influential US J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study - but the results make disappointing reading for most European brands.

The J.D. Power study measures owner complaints after approximately 90 days of ownership.

See the full US J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study results chart

Aside from Porsche's success and Mercedes's top-five ranking, European manufacturers suffer a poor showing. Most notably Audi, BMW and Jaguar are all lagging below industry average and Land Rover was the lowest-rated of all brands included.

Toyota took a severe tumble, falling from sixth a year ago to 21st as a result of its quality problems and subsequent recalls.

Lexus, however, remained in the top five, while the Lexus LS notched up the industry-best score for an individual car.

Ford also became the first Detroit car maker to enter the top five.

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17 June 2010

Wow. I didnt expect to see volkswagen so far down! What happened to German precision?

17 June 2010

[quote Dr.Car]

Wow. I didnt expect to see volkswagen so far down! What happened to German precision?


They moved it to Mexico which is where the Jetta and Beetle are made. The Jetta is VWs best selling car in America.

There's that and the fact that until the MK6 Golf which so far seems to be reliable, VWs haven't done that well recently.

17 June 2010

So If you live in America you can't buy any italian cars except of Ferrari-Maserati and nothing from France. That's why the yankees buy Jettas and then complaint about them!


17 June 2010

These figures don't mean much to us folks on this side of the pond as these are not the same cars we buy. Acura , at No 2 , are Japanese-made Hondas I think , while Honda at No.6 are American Honda models.Similarly they can buy American-made Toyotas , while we cannot.

17 June 2010

[quote Dr.Car]Wow. I didnt expect to see volkswagen so far down! What happened to German precision?[/quote] IME, VW Group abandoned build-qaulity and the sourcing of quality components after the Mk3 Golf...

17 June 2010

[quote Dr.Car]Wow. I didnt expect to see volkswagen so far down! What happened to German precision?

Well...I don't know about VW, but Porsche came first and Mercedes 3rd, and last time I checked they're also German - so there's still a good amount of German precision... ;)

Also, the article didn't mention that the Platinum award for the best factory (as regards to the number of faults produced) went to a Mercedes factory in South Africa (which makes the C-Class).

However, I agree that these results, in the main, are not completely relevant to European buyers...although Merc's jump (as compared with a few years ago) to 3rd overall and receiving the award for the best factory are impressive.


- Follow your own star -

17 June 2010

There used to be a saying there were two things sure in life - death and taxes.

[quote Autocar]Land Rover was the lowest-rated of all brands included.[/quote]

But that was before Land Rover embarked on nailing random bits of material together and calling the finished product a car in order that J D Power would always knew where the bottom of their table would begin. Damn decent of them.

18 June 2010

Interesting that of the bottom five ranked brands three have their cars made exclusively in Britain. Or rather lashed together in Blighty. And still the cultists insist Britain is thee place for high-quality manufacture. Poor saddos.

VW's sh!te ranking - 3rd bottom - is down to having the majority of its US-market products being thrown together in Mexico. Fair enough, US deserves third-rate garbage.

18 June 2010

Can someone please advise how the JD Power survey defines quality? Is it the car itself, or does it include the showroom, the 'overall experience', the value of the flowers/wine presented at handover? Are we talking quality in terms of breakdowns, or quality in terms of the lustre of the paintwork and the stitching of the leather? Or is it a subjective opinion of the car versus the customer's expectations and pre-conceptions?

Quality is a vastly over-used word and has many interpretations.

18 June 2010


I have noticed quite a bit of swearing on here that we did not get in the past, can someone tell me why? I don't feel being the sort of forum it is that we need this at all......if this is your bag go to Facebook and leave it out on here.


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