Morgan, the longest-surviving British-owned sportscar maker, will set a production record in 2012 with nigh-on 1600 cars assembled at the company’s Malvern works.

Production has been on a climb ever since Morgan went back to its roots last year and launched a modern day 3 Wheeler, powered by a punchy US-built vee-twin.

The 3 Wheeler will make up around half of production in 2012 - its first full-year - largely thanks to buoyant demand in the US.

The 3 Wheeler is the only vehicle Morgan can sell in the US. Even the latest alloy-bodied Supersports and Plus 8 can’t meet Federal requirements for dual-stage airbags.

Seeing workers lovingly assemble cars at Morgan is a thing of beauty. A visit to Morgan’s warren of brick-built assembly buildings at Malvern ought to be on every enthusiast’s wish-list.