McLaren's entry-level supercar range will be priced from £140,000 when sales begin after the New York motor show in April
25 March 2015

The McLaren 570S Coupé will be the first car launched as part of the firm's new Sports Series range, it has been confirmed.

Like the 650S, the new two-seater takes its name from its power output. The twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre 
V8 engine produces 570PS, or 562bhp.

The 570S will take after other models in the McLaren range in that it features a mid-engined layout and is based around a carbonfibre tub. It is expected to be the first of three models in the new entry-level Sports Series, with a convertible Spider and a more spacious GT model set to join the line-up later. A high-performance 'Long Tail' version is also likely.

There would probably also be a detuned model for the asian market, joining the 625C. This model is expected to be unveiled at the Shanghai motor show three weeks after New York.

McLaren is also understood to be planning a track-only GT3 version of the Sports Series to be raced by customer teams. It believes there are now so many credible race contenders that the new car needs a track presence to achieve visibility.

The first models in the entry-level Sports Series range are scheduled to receive their public debut at the New York motor show next week. Prices for the line-up are expected to start at about £140,000.

Recent spy pictures have shown the Sports Series models testing in convoy with the recently-revealed 675LT and a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Mules for the Sports Series have been spotted testing as far back as 2013, with early prototypes wearing modified 12C bodywork. The Sports Series shares no panels with any other McLaren and has unique glasshouse styling, but its LED headlights are in the shape of McLaren’s badge. It lacks the 650S’s sophisticated suspension, but engineers have worked hard on its capabilities on both road and track.

The cars’ debut means McLaren can at last offer models in each of the categories it has identified: Sports Series, Super Series (650S and the 675LT) and Ultimate Series (P1, P1 GTR and their future siblings). The 12C, which McLaren said would continue in production, has been dropped because buyers prefer the newer models.

The latest video preview issued by McLaren is understood to show the coupé variant in testing. New details revealed include the LED headlights and rear light clusters inspired by the P1 hypercar, while the front-end design appears undisguised for the first time. The front sits very low to the ground and sports a different aerodynamic package to that seen on McLaren's current cars. McLaren's official preview picture has also shown off the car's flying buttress design.

“We’ve been working at this plan since the company began,” said CEO Mike Flewitt. “The only car we didn’t plan and agree is the P1 GTR, which is a track-only model we’ll sell to existing P1 owners. Everything we do in future will fit into this structure.”

The debut of the Sports Series cars will bring another jump in McLaren production, said Flewitt, but he insisted the company is “about exclusivity, not volume”. McLaren expects to sell around 1700 to 1800 cars this year, but output will rise beyond 4000 when the Sports Series is established.

“We should peak at about 4000 units when the market is mature,” said Flewitt. McLaren currently sells its cars through 72 dealers worldwide and expects to build that to 100.

Meanwhile, the company has finished building its 375 P1s, will complete 40 P1 GTRs (orders closed last week) and is turning its attention to its next Ultimate Series car.“I’ve always said we won’t want to make a P1-and-a-bit,” Flewitt said. “The next Ultimate Series McLaren has to take a very significant step over what we have.

“There are several directions we could take. One would be finding ways to get more weight out of the car’s structure. Another would be to take advantage of more power-dense battery packs if they became available. And there’s always the promise of better aerodynamics and better software. But it could take 10 years. After all, the leap from F1 to P1 took 20.”

Flewitt also scotched the idea of a McLaren SUV. “We have no such plans,” he said. “We’re totally committed to making sports cars.”

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Our Verdict

McLaren 650S
The McLaren 650S is much faster and more exciting to drive than the regular 12C

The latest addition to McLaren's line-up may be based on the 12C, but this is a whole new ball-game

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29 December 2014
I like McLaren a lot and even had the pleasure of a drive in a 12C but this car is too close to the 12C/650S. It just seems a bit pointless. A smaller and even cheaper car to compete with the rest of the 911 range might be good but may also be seen as diluting the brand.

29 December 2014
McLaren is in a tough spot. The 650S killed off the 12C even though at first it was supposed to stay on. The new Sport Series is supposed to take it to the Porsche Turbo. The problem is that the GT3 is already nipping at the heels of the 650S- without turbos and wall-to-wall carbon. How do you produce a less powerful version of the 650S to compete with the more powerful brother of the GT3- the Porsche Turbo. And without looking like the 650S but using its important bits. A classic case of being between a rock and a hard place. Last but not least Porsche is not sitting idly by and is about to introduce new powerplants next year.... in other words McLaren is aiming at a moving target.


29 December 2014
I think the exterior mirrors on the prototype which echo the P1 are a step in the wrong direction. The P1 is a wide hypercar and needed mirrors more outboard for the driver to see more clearly. These are a nod to that car however the 650 has more sporting exterior mirrors and the do not ruin the lines down the side of the car.Look at the new Alfa 4C those mirrors sprout out like afterthoughts and ruin that car for me. This new McLaren needs to have its on identity and not use too many cues from the range, other than those it has to due to its structural build. Then we may not see it as a " baby " (I hate that analogy) P1 or 650S but as a new entry level McLaren which is what it is supposed to be.

29 December 2014
In order to compete with the P Turbo and Turbo S the 0-60 has to be under 3,not "under 4" For Pete's sake a TTRS with DSG is 3.5 and that is the Mk 2 ! Even a GT3 is 3.0 So to do that it needs 4WD,so is it? Saw a recent video of a P Turbo S "Cabrio "blowing away" a GTR. F Type R Coupe is already running mid 3's without AWD,so the new AWD should be close to 3. Lovely car I am sure but for 130K it has to do the numbers!


5 March 2015
Madmac, It shows that you have never in your life driven a sports car. Chances are high you are too young even for a diving license. Else you would not equal performance with 0-60 times. Grow up, get over your silly humber fetish, learn to expand your vision of what makes a sports car great. Roughly any motor bike over £5000 will "humiliate" your darlings. Does that make them better sports cars?

29 December 2014
Even with the Super Series and the 650s production full tilt, McLaren would be making a rather exclusive 4000 cars a year. Porsche probably produces that much in a day given the success of their SUVs. More contrast than comparison!

21 February 2015
You can hardly excuse McLaren from competing with Porsche on grounds of production numbers, when it is their own CEO who is quoted as stating that they will outclass rivals in performance numbers. Either they are competing or they are not. But at least the P13 is a better looking car than the P1, though on the few photos here not so much as the 12C.

5 March 2015
All three McLaren cars are styled around what is in my opinion an extremely clumsily styled front end. The 650S looks like three different cars in one and then you throw the LT into it... It's a bit of a mess. At least Astons looked amazing before they all started to look the same. Saying that I still absolutely love the P1.

5 March 2015
I can't see where that "everyday driver" role is going to fit in. If all they have is a small "boot" at the front then it's not going to work. The 911 is compromised by only having the rear seats to throw extra luggage at - the Cayman is much better in that and lots of other respects - and in a lot of cities leaving a briefcase on the backseat just equals broken glass and gone case. Hope I'm wrong but the McLaren range looks as if it is squeezing itself into a corner.

5 March 2015
I like what McLaren is doing and think their cars, for the most part, are impressive. Particularly their interiors, which I think are absolutely brilliant. But I really think that they need to expand their engine range a little bit. I understand that developing a new engine is a huge undertaking and McLaren doesn't have the resources of VAG. They don't even need to develop a brand new one from scratch, just change it up a bit. Maybe chop two cylinders off the block and make it a twin turbo V6. Or maybe use a supercharger for the lower output engines. Or, best yet, increase bore and/or stroke a bit and try a naturally aspirated version with a 9k+ RPM redline in the above mentioned "GT3" variant...


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