Analysts commented that the car’s fires had something to do with its sales deficit

Sales of the world’s cheapest car fell by 85 per cent year-on-year in November, Indian firm Tata has revealed.

Compared with last year's figure, the company has blamed the sales deficit of the Tata Nano on the difficulty customers are facing to receive loans.

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Analysts, however, commented that the car’s well publicised problems with catching fire, as well as a price hike, had something to do with it.

In response to its car’s fires, JLR parent firm Tata offered customers a free safety upgrade, but was adamant that it was not launching a recall. Tata sales across all models in November were 54,622, a rise of one per cent on a year earlier. Of these, the company sold just 509 Nanos.

Introduced to India in April 2009, prices for the Nano start from approximately £1400.

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3 December 2010

500 sales in a month? The combined Jag and Merc sales in India would be more than that wouldn't it?

3 December 2010

It's a short term problem only as apparently, having seen the Cygnet, many buyers on the sub-continent are hanging on for the promised Aston Martin version later this year.

3 December 2010

Normally you would say the 'bubble has burst' but in the case of the Nano it simply self combusted!

3 December 2010

"Tata Nano is my Car of the Decade

Chas Hallett"

"Tata Nano: the true people's car

Steve Cropley"

Ha! Ha!

3 December 2010

This is proof that the old adage there is no such thing as bad publicity is wrong and of course this is something that often plagues the car industry.

3 December 2010

I wonder if it's just a case of faulty marketing. The case for super-cheap cars in India may never have existed. Those Indians with enough disposable income to enter the car market would leapfrog the Nano because buying one would be seen as a distress purchase and very poor form. It's the car equivalent of an untouchable. Nothing to do with ability or quality, I reckon it's the price. It's too low to confer any social kudos on the owner.

3 December 2010

It's Tony Howarth's Africar all over again, isn't it.

One recalls back then (mid-1980s) the motoring press similarly all raving about this plywood horror - presumably unaware of the derivation of the slang term Wabenzi, and what it signified for Third World aspirations - and then they all went very quiet and 'what me?' when it disappeared without trace.

3 December 2010

WFC Holden's comment above may be nearer to the truth than he realises.

3 December 2010

I realise lots, old chum.

3 December 2010

I'm picking up a lot of hostility towards this little car and am somewhat perplexed by it. The car is not for sale in the UK. It is not a car any of the forum members will ever own even if it was, does not threaten our motoring status quo the way electric cars do, is not an environmentalist's wet dream (in fact as it is introducing many to motoring for the 1st time it could be considered an environmentalist's worse nightmare), provides Indian families with safer and more comfortable transport (than 4up on a Honda C90) and, if successful, will fill Tata's coffers with cash to invest in the Jaguars, Landrovers and Range Rover that we do find interesting.

Can anyone explain why they dislike this car so much and are gloating over its present lack of sale success.


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