The current Jaguar XK will be the last model to feature the firm’s famed oval grille, design director Ian Callum has revealed.

All future Jaguars will instead feature a trapezoidal-shaped grille that’s more forceful and upright, as seen most recently in different interpretations on the F-type and C-X17.

Callum also said the firm would have to look at the role of the XK in its future line-up, following the arrival of the F-type. “A direction change is a valid question,” he said. “The XK will have a different job to do.”

It has previously been suggested that the XK would push upmarket into a larger and more luxurious GT car in its next generation, leaving the F-type to fill the role of Jaguar's full-blooded sports model.

Callum has previously told media that he did look at giving the F-type an oval grille, but decided against it has he wanted the model to represent change within the brand. He said the F-type's grille was inspired by the original Jaguar XJ