Charles Morgan was dismissed from Morgan Motor Company on four counts of misconduct, according to a document seen by Autocar. 

The document alleges that a disciplinary meeting concluded that he had posed as chairman despite being demoted to strategy director in February; supported Oak Racing and the Nissan-engined Morgan 2012 LMP2 car at Le Mans and in the LMP series without approval; announced to a small group of Morgan owners that an improved version of the Morgan 3 Wheeler was to be launched and that he took two payments for talks about his time with ITN in Afghanistan and Iran without seeking board approval.

According to the document, the decision was made by the membership of the board of Morgan Technologies: Steven Morris (Morgan's managing Director), Timothy Whitworth (Morgan's finance director), Gillian Price (Charles's sister), David Price (Charles's brother-in-law), Laurence Price (Charles's nephew), Craig Hamilton Smith (Charles's nephew), Jackie Pertwee (Charles's niece) and Andrew Duncan (the Morgan family solicitor).

However, the veracity of the document has been called in to question, with 'several inaccuracies, including a misspelt name' being cited as evidence that it is not an official Morgan statement, and consequently suggesting that it does not reveal the full reasons behind the dismissal of Charles Morgan.

Charles Morgan has already signalled his intent to appeal his dismissal, denying the accusations of misconduct.

His hearing is expected to be heard this Friday in front of Morgan family members Price, Pertwee and Hamilton Smith.

A Morgan Motor Company spokesman declined to comment.