Mercedes-Benz boss Dieter Zetsche is "open" to sharing the platform of the Mercedes GL-class new partner Aston Martin to underpin its recently-resurrectedSUV.

Speaking at the launch of the new V-class, Zetsche said any co-operation would “depend on Aston Martin’s product plans”. 

Last year Aston boss Ulrich Bez confirmed that the SUV was still on the company’s radar, but that any production car would be badged ‘Aston Martin’, rather than Lagonda. The concept was first shown at the Geneva motor show in 2009.

The full-size Aston Martin SUV could be seen as early as 2017, but won't include any Mercedes or AMG badging when it goes on sale. Zetsche has said he would prefer AMG's partnership with Aston to be "subtle", meaning there's likely to be no visible sign of the company's involvement on Aston models.

Aston Martin's SUV project has been moved to the back burner many times previously because a suitable vehicle platform wasn't available. The company's tie-in with AMG currently means it has access to a bespoke range of V8 engines and electrical components to power its next-gen models, but could well be extended to include platform sharing.

Zetsche also said Mercedes is open to co-operation with electric car maker Tesla. “We have very good links [with Tesla] which certainly have room for further expansion,” he said.

Tesla is currently working on its own SUV, an all-electric seven-seat Model X which the US company says can beat a Porsche 911 to 60mph.