The LaFerrari has been officially revealed at the Geneva motor show, setting up the most eagerly anticipated showdown of recent history as it battles for supremacy and sales among the super-rich with the McLaren P1.

LaFerrari -– or ‘The Ferrari’ –- is the successor to the Ferrari Enzo hypercar and it is already clear that while McLaren has set out to build what it calls the ‘ultimate driver’s car’, Ferrari has set out to build the fastest, most extreme car ever made.

Consequently, every performance figure Ferrari has quoted exceeds those of McLaren. That may be no coincidence, as Ferrari released details a week later than its rival, giving the opportunity to ensure it came out on top by revealing only what it wanted to.

What’'s clear, though, is this battle will continue to run. While LaFerrari will inevitably capture all the main headlines from the Geneva motor show, the ultimate verdict can only be delivered when the two cars leave the motor show stands and are driven in anger.

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