The Suzuki G70 weighs just 730kg and is the Japanese firm's idea of a global small car

The new Suzuki G70 concept, revealed at the Geneva motor show today, is the Japanese maker’s idea of a global small car.

Majoring in low weight and aerodynamics, the Suzuki G70 concept uses an 800cc turbocharged petrol motor with direct injection, a new CVT transmission, brake regeneration and auto stop-start to achieve its impressive 75mpg claimed combined economy figure.

The G70 originally debuted at last year's Tokyo motor show, where it was badged as Regina. The G70 name reflects the technology used in the car will produce CO2 emissions below 70g/km.

Weighing just 730kg, the 3.5-metre long, 1.6-metre wide G70 offers 10 per cent better aerodynamics than a Swift and showcases clever new manufacturing processes that utilise curved high-tensile steel elements to reduce the number of parts required whilst improving rigidity. Interior space is also a priority, so it gets a staggered dash to allow the passengers more space without compromising the driving position.

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30 November 2011

I really like this car for the fact it is different.

Would I ever own one, probably not but I am glad to see it is being considered for production.

Just hope it doesn't do a Nissan Cube if it ever comes to the UK.



It's all about the twisties........

30 November 2011

[quote TegTypeR]

I really like this car for the fact it is different.

Would I ever own one, probably not but I am glad to see it is being considered for production.



Although, I must admit Teg, I would seriously consider owning one. There's something about its styling that I really, really like. It's just the 'Regina' name that needs changing in English-speaking markets...

30 November 2011

I think it's really brilliant. There is something about its styling which I just find very pleasing. In some ways it reminds me of a Citroen Ami 8. I can only hope Suzuki puts in into production without diluting the styling too much.

30 November 2011

Perhaps I need to grow up a bit but I can't help but giggle when visualising the reaction to a new owner saying "Come and have a look inside my Regina"...:¬)

30 November 2011

This sort of car may well be the future of motoring in Europe for the masses.

Steel construction body with a weight of 730 kg. !.6 metres wide, similar to an original Mini.


30 November 2011

I love this car! It's exactly the sort of thing I'd buy to run around London, and has a lovely, quirky Citroen-esque style. Go on Suzuki, build it!


30 November 2011

I'm liking the design of the Regina, it's very Citroën-esque.

If approved for production, like another reader said, I hope it doesn't get too tone down and it definitely needs a new name, perhaps 'Ukiuki' or 'Sumuzu', meaning 'cheerful' and 'smooth' in Japanese.

30 November 2011

"albeit without the concept glitz and quirkiness" - I'm sorry Autocar, fair play regarding the concept glitz not being likely to make production, but the quirkiness? That's what makes this car. If the production version isn't quirky as the Regina, then surely it's pointless making it. I accept that the unusual positioning of the mirrors and outrageous wheels probably wouldn't make it, but surely the rest of the car could be adapted for production?...

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

30 November 2011

I too love the styling, and think that 1960's Citroen thing is brave but it works so well modernised this way.

And yes, i think it should get a new name too.

30 November 2011

The sort of car Citroen should be building, instead of trying to make their cars Germanic.

The name needs to change for sure! Even more embarrassing than trying to say SX4....


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