These design drawings purport to show the Infiniti Emerg-e, the Japanese manufacturer’s new range-extender sports car concept that will be officially unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month.

The Infiniti Emerg-e – which has only been seen in teaser images so far – has not been formally identified as the car in these patent drawings, but elements of the design resemble what’s already been seen in three official teaser images issued by the car firm, primarily of the rear head lamp, D-pillar and front flank.

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The Emerg-e follows the 600bhp hybrid Infiniti Essence concept seen at Geneva in 2009 and the front-drive Etherea hatchback concept that was shown at the Swiss show last year.

The Emerg-e will also be the first mid-engined car made by Infiniti. The manufacturer is also plotting an all-electric saloon that is expected to break cover at the New York motor show in early April.

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