Final production version of WRX concept will be at LA show, but Subaru yet to discuss plan to bring it to the UK
11 September 2013

A production version of the new Subaru WRX is expected to be revealed at the Los Angeles motor show in November – but its presence in the UK remains in doubt.

Subaru brought its concept version of the new WRX to the Frankfurt motor show, and Subaru product chief Toshio Masuda confirmed to Autocar that the concept would spawn “a production car on which it is based”.

For production, the WRX is likely to keep the rear doors of the concept to become a four-door saloon rather than a coupé. The more rakish profile is also set to remain.

The powertrain remains unclear, although hybrid would appear unlikely as Masuda suggested Subaru’s hybrid technology was some way from coming to market at an affordable price. However, the model will remain all-wheel drive and be offered with a manual gearbox, he confirmed.

The new WRX will be based on a new platform, which Masuda describes as “a very firm and rigid structure”. There will also be a reduction in weight over the current WRX, which should also improve the performance according to Subaru's product chief. 

Officially, there is no decision from Subaru in the UK as to whether or not to import the car. It's understood a UK delegation will soon head to Japan to see it, and discuss a plan on whether to put it on sale here.

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11 September 2013

The company is inept.
Subaru needs someone else to represent them in the UK, or even just to do it themselves. Some who's not going to be as greedy and allow the WRX and the STi to be the performance bargain it used to be.
However, I fear the damage to the brand has been done already with Subaru UK. They've become somewhat irrelevant.

11 September 2013

Past and present, Subaru UK have presented themselves as inept, often coming up with bewildering decisions.

11 September 2013

Whilst I agree with the above comments ref Subaru UK, to be totally honest Subaru have not exactly done themselves any favours recently, they haven't had a decent car in their range since the previous generation Legacy Sports Tourer, then to compound it, they bring out a sports car screaming out for more power, and design it so it will not accept a turbo without serious modifications.

11 September 2013

This is a typical ploy, to drum up demand!

Subarus are always well supported in the UK, so why all the gamesmanship?

11 September 2013
Factczech wrote:

This is a typical ploy, to drum up demand!

Subarus are always well supported in the UK, so why all the gamesmanship?

It may be a ruse to drum up interest but I would not say Subaru are now well supported in the UK. I would like to now the number of registrations today compared with 2000, would bet its a lot less. My local (25 miles away) dealer gave up selling the brand and started selling, nearly new, Audi's, BMW's,
Merc;s. I have owned two Subaru's in the past and have just sold the last one and it wasn't replaced by one of the current Subaru models.

12 September 2013

So, going by some of the posts, this car's a minger,right?,don't be daft!,this is where Subaru should've been all along.

Peter Cavellini.

12 September 2013

The back end looks wrong, could be anything but a Subaru. They used to have a lovely range of cars but they've been replaced with ugly, mediocre and outdated machines.
The public have voted with their feet, less than 1,100 Subarus have been sold in the UK this year.

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