Volvo gives a thinly veiled look at its upcoming XC90 with the Concept XC coupé, seen today for the first time in Detroit
Mark Tisshaw
13 January 2014

The new Volvo XC90, due at the end of the year, has been previewed by the Concept XC Coupé, show today for first time at the Detroit motor show.

The Concept XC Coupé follows last year’s Concept Coupé as the second of three concept cars penned by Volvo design chief Thomas Ingenlath. Each concept has been designed to preview Volvo’s new look and highlight the flexibility of the firm’s new SPA platform, which will be rolled out first on the XC90 and ultimately on all Volvos larger than the V40.

Ingenlath says the two-door, four-seat Detroit concept, “brings us a bit closer” to the new XC90.

“But it goes without saying that a three-row seven-seater will have a larger and fuller look than this four-seater,” Ingenlath added, comparing the Concept XC Coupe to an Allroad-style version of a sports estate.

Using Ingenlath’s words, it is relatively easy to imagine a larger and fuller version of the Concept XC Coupé in order to arrive at the look of the new XC90. Indeed, Volvo has already previewed the front end of the new XC90 in a teaser image and its links to the Concept XC Coupé are clear.

Ingenlath says the Concept XC Coupé has been inspired by the design of modern sports equipment and is pitched at people with active lifestyles. This is reflected in the way the two rear seats fold flat to store sports equipment, as well as with the concept’s roof box and with the materials used for the body cladding and trim.

The Concept XC Coupe shows off the versatility of the SPA platform, the architecture previously being used on the sleek two-door Concept Coupe. Larger 21in alloys are fitted to the concept, as are flared wheel arches, a taller roofline, a longer bonnet and more prominent beltline.

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Volvo XC90 2003-2014
The XC90 led the charge for seven seat SUVs when it launched in 2003

The Volvo XC90 is a big seven seat SUV in desperate need of modernisation, despite still having some strengths

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7 January 2014
Following on from the "Audi Idiots" story elsewhere in this publication, I think with elegant designs like this and the coupe, Volvo is offering an excellent alternative for those who want something classy but a bit more discreet and not German. Hopefully one day I will be able to trade in my ageing C30 for one of these new stylish swedes.

7 January 2014
chilly wrote:

.... Hopefully one day I will be able to trade in my ageing C30 for one of these new stylish swedes.

Think you mean stylish Chinese models


Hydrogen cars just went POP

7 January 2014
I realise Volvo are Chinese owned but the cars are still designed and built in Sweden. To follow your logic are Range Rovers and Jaguars stylish Indian models?

8 January 2014
chilly wrote:

I realise Volvo are Chinese owned but the cars are still designed and built in Sweden. To follow your logic are Range Rovers and Jaguars stylish Indian models?


7 January 2014
Volvo really does have some interesting design work going on at the moment-let us hope some of the other manufacturers take note and stop being so damn lazy.

8 January 2014
I really like this but what's the super-shallow roof box supposed to accommodate? A warm woolly, a scarfe and a few bars of Cadbury's Whole Nut?

8 January 2014
I wonder how the bonnet opens with that shut-line below the A-pillar?

8 January 2014
Magnificent. Agree - a super alternative to Audi and BMW. As a BMW owner, this design far outshines its German rivals. I'd take this above a current X5 and Q7 - no problem.

Can't wait to see what the real XC90 and pricing will look like.

8 January 2014
You know the model is close as silly deals on the current model are starting to appear again. Can't see pricing being anything other than 'stiff' when the new generation appears but, as others have said, having something other than the default choices in the marketplace can only be a good thing.

8 January 2014
Yes lets use the same platform capable of supporting a large 7 seat people carrier or estate in addition to a shrink wrapped coupe who's footprint far exceeds the vehicles capacity.
Like the top box I'm wondering if anything can be fitted into the vehicle other than a flat screen T.V.
On a positive note the design looks very stylish and expensive.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!


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