Fiesta, Ka, Focus and Kuga brought into line with rivals' prices

Ford is planning to reduce the list prices on all medium and small cars in its range, and slash dealer discounts at the same time.

Nigel Sharp, managing director of Ford in the UK, claimed that a combination of inflated list prices and large dealer discounts was "causing confusion for consumers" and that Ford wanted to "make the whole purchase process more transparent".

Ford is hoping to redress the balance in its pricing, following steep price hikes during the recession.

The Ford Fiesta, the firm's biggest-selling model, is to be available from £9995 in Studio spec, bringing it closer in price to its biggest rivals, the Volkswagen Polo (from £9790) and the Vauxhall Corsa (from £9995).

The Fiesta had previously been available from £11,645, although dealer discounts are said to have slashed as much as £1500 from this figure.

Similar reductions have been applied to the Focus, Ka and Kuga, with average price cuts of around 11 per cent. Ford had already made similar reductions on its larger models, the Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max, earlier in the year.

Sharp also hinted that future models will be more focused on value, saying that the next-gen C-Max and Focus will "represent better value than the old list price".

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1 July 2010

well done Ford i hope other manufactures follow suit

Whats the point after all of having a huge unrealsitic list price and then knocking 40% off as a discount, the public arent that stupid... and yes im talking to you Mr Vauxhall.

1 July 2010

Good - hope it follows across all the range and all models - makes it much better for my tax liability on Company Car - currently being assessed with Mondeo that had list price of £26000, and we only paid £19800...not happy!!

To live is to drive

1 July 2010

Remnants of the insane scrappage scheme.

1 July 2010

About time too - £11600 was a mad price for a small car! I must say, I think £9995 is still expensive, especially when a Polo can be had for £200 less, but it's a definite step in the right direction. I remember when cars of this size were coming in at closer to £8995! The Ka will also benefit I think.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 July 2010

I think this is more to do with declining fleet sales, than anything else they may cite.

1 July 2010

[quote Gilesme]

I think this is more to do with declining fleet sales, than anything else they may cite.


Agreed. This is good news, but I am surprised it has taken Ford so long to sort out their prices.

1 July 2010

Not before time, either. 11,645 for a boggo Fiasco, probably closer to 15k for a mid-range model with a few options? Mad, I tell you. Mad. You can get all manner of much nicer, truly desirable used cars for that sort of money...

1 July 2010

Ford couldn't market a golden hen!

Anyone noticed how many Kuga's appearing on the road? Ford have actually done a good job on the car and there are new diesel versions with 4 wheel drive and power up by about 30bhp but emissions down to below the ultra critical (fleet wise) 160g/km level. And with discounts now of £6K around the car is finally getting some momentum. But where is the advertising? do they think Hyundai blanket advert covered the media with IX35 adverts for fun or to shift cars?

1 July 2010

Basically FORD is now giving the part of the dealers margin straight to the customer.

Sounds good however; there is a problem with this. The dealer has less money to offer against a part exchange. No new car main dealer can really pull the wool over a customer's eyes as the deal boils down to a basic price to change. What Ford dealers don't have is the extra discount to offer against a part-ex. We as customer look to get the new car for as little as possible but expect top money for out current car. The Fiesta may look a bit more attractive now at under £10,000 but a customers part-ex price will look ridiculously low compared to competitors. Sales may suffer because of it.

1 July 2010

I think its good the prices have come down, but peope don't look at all the extra kit we have now compared to say 10 years ago. If we compare the new mondeo against the old scorpio (the ugly american looking one) because they are about the same size. It was about 20k brand new and a mondeo is about the same once you haggle down the price, but when you compare spec the new mondeo has loads more toys, better safety and fuel economy etc. So all these people who keep saying I remember when a family hatch was a certain amount back a decade or so ago should consider the extras they are now getting as standard. eg air con, better brake technology, 5* NCAP ratings etc etc


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