Futuristic Mercedes Biome concept points to a mid-engined eco supercar to take on the BMW Vision ED

The futuristic Mercedes-Benz Biome concept previews a full-sized design model of a mid-engined eco supercar to battle the BMW Vision ED around 2015, Autocar has learned.

Created at Merc’s Californian design studio, the ground-hugging four-seat coupé explores the future of sustained mobility to a brief set by the Los Angeles Design Challenge.

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Although the eco-friendly ‘grown from a seed’ body construction and organic drive system are fictional, the ground-hugging stance, exaggerated proportions and striking design lay the foundation for a new ecological supercar.

“There are elements within the design that could easily be progressed and developed for production. We were conscious during its development to ensure it wasn’t too limited or edgy. It had to be do-able without any significant changes,” says Hubert Lee, head of the California design studio.

The production powertrain would incorporate all of Mercedes-Benz’s extensive alternative drive know-how, just as BMW is doing with its Vision EfficientDynamics supercar, recently confirmed for production in 2013.

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At 4040mm in length, 2500mm in width and 1200mm in height, the latest Merc concept is shorter than a C-class, much wider than the GL-class and lower than the SLK.

For production, however, the width will have to be considerably reduced to fit through traffic-calming pinch points, usually set at 2.2m.

Mercedes may also adopt one of the concept’s interesting features: a central driving position flanked by two passengers. But the fourth seat, positioned behind the second row and rear-facing, is unlikely to have a production future.

Greg Kable

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26 November 2010

No wheels? Now, that's something new!

26 November 2010

There's no way it's going to look anything like that.

26 November 2010

Dog bites man. Complete non-story: Mercedes-Benz to continue competing with BMW.

26 November 2010

So the Mercedes Biome previews a new eco supercar, I'll wager it will look nothing like the concept. For a start its going to need wheels and I expect that it will do away with the 1-2-1 seating concept.

26 November 2010

"For production, however, the width will have to be considerably reduced to fit through traffic-calming pinch points, usually set at 2.2m." I would have thought that the width would be the least of its worries. Imagine what would happen when it arrived at the 1st speed hump.

26 November 2010

[quote Ihatewhitevanman]Imagine what would happen when it arrived at the 1st speed hump.[/quote] I would imagine that it would come as quite a surprise as you certainly wouldn't see the hump coming as it looks practically impossible to see out of this car.

26 November 2010

Of course it'll look nothing like this!, not even in fifty years time will a car like this be on public roads,hydrogen is where we should be looking at, far cleaner,and if the government gets moving, it can be sold on garage forecourts like petrol and diesel, these "blade runner type of cars are just fantasy, there not exactly going to cost Mazda 2 money are they?.

Peter Cavellini.

19 July 2013

This super, eco-friendly car looks very edgy with a striking design that brings to it a lot of promise when it comes to performance. Although it holds promise, I am not really positive of how the car’s projection of market acceptance would be like. 2015 is just around the corner and it would be interesting to know the projection of sales for this.

Thomas Williams: http://www.carid.com

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