Skoda Octavia Scout

The crossover conquest is coming

With their blend of a raised driving position, ample luggage space and good off-road manners, is it any surprise that crossovers and SUVs are some of the most popular cars in Europe?

by Hilton Holloway
25 December 2015
New cars
McLaren 570S
McLaren 570S

McLaren 570S - my best car of 2015

My favourite car of the year was an easy choice, but not for the reason you might expect

by Alan Taylor-Jones
24 December 2015
Tester’s notes

Jaguar F-Type R AWD - my best car of 2015

It probably isn't the purest F-Type dynamically, or the best value, but it is the one I've had the most fun in. In fact, it's some of the best fun I've had in 2015

by Rory White
23 December 2015
Anything goes
Jenson Button

Opinion - Has the BBC stepped down from F1 just in time?

With audiences fading and teams finding it harder to stay competitive, can the BBC really be blamed for stopping its F1 TV coverage?

by Steve Cropley
21 December 2015
F1 2015
Land Rover Defender

Opinion - Take a crash course in carefree fun

It’s liberating to drive a car you don’t care about damaging. We pick some cheap choices

by James Ruppert
17 December 2015
Anything goes
Jaguar F Pace

Opinion - Jaguar heads for the future with electric power

With Jaguar taking its first steps into Formula E, it seems inevitable that an all-electric Jaguar road car will soon follow

by Hilton Holloway
15 December 2015
As well as Autocar, Ruppert also featured in my own mag - Buying Cars

How Bangernomics found a voice with James Ruppert

For a quarter of a century, James Ruppert has been schooling us on the wise-buys of the road, and his advice is just as relevant today as it was then

by Steve Cropley
12 December 2015
New cars
Volkswagen badge

Is the fog lifting at Volkswagen?

Although VW's sales are slipping worldwide, the tide is turning as the company sets out its vision for change

by Jim Holder
11 December 2015
Maruti Suzuki

Why Maruti Suzuki is so dominant in India

The manufacturer has a 52% market share in the country, but what is the secret behind its success?

by Doug Revolta
11 December 2015

Why would Jaguar want to return to single-seater racing?

Jaguar's last single-seater racing campaign didn't go well, but if reports of a Formula E entry are true, it could be a shrewd move

by Matt Burt
10 December 2015


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