I looked at the state of my car the other and idly wondered whether a set of mudflaps would have helped to keep the muck off my motor.

I mean, they do work. Lorries still have them and they are on 4x4s; I even have period set of Leyland-liveried ones on my Land Rover. My dad loved them; he ordered mudflaps on every car he bought. In fact, I’ve still got a few spare sets knocking around the garage.

I assume it’s a fashion thing these days. I doubt they are blingy enough, but you could diamante them, surely? Maybe it is all about aerodynamics. I say bring back the mudflaps. Just as everyone, except me, changes their summer tyres for winter ones, couldn’t we sometime in October clip the things back on? It is a wonderful advertising opportunity too. I think Autocar should give away a branded set as a present for everyone in the 2 January 2013 issue. Even better, use a real, live copy of Autocar. Indeed, you get a fresh set every month.

Well, I’m off to start a mudflap revival. Who’s with me?