James Ruppert Special correspondent

Used to sell BMWs, but he's no yuppie; has a '64 Mini Cooper in his garage and a '57 BSA Bantam in his house. Has bought and sold hundreds of used cars, and he isn't finished yet.
Lamborghini LM002

Five used Lamborghinis that you might just be able to afford

Let's face it: a brand new Lamborghini is probably out of your financial reach, but a used one might be within your means. Here are five of my favourites, including the LM002

27 May 2015

Buying and selling a BMW 3 Series - James Ruppert's used car buying guide

As a BMW car salesman in Park Lane in the 1980s, James Ruppert had a front-row seat for the 3 Series revolution

23 May 2015

Top coupés for a super commute

The daily drive to work needn’t be a dreary slog. Here are some classy, comfy two-doors to consider

18 May 2015
Rover 75 Tourer offers big room for small money

More useful wagons for bargain money

The theme of ‘big space for little money’ is back, here are some of my best bargain-buy estates

11 May 2015
Audi RS4

Useful wagons for under £1000

No matter what kind of estate you're after - big, quick, stylish or cheap - we've got you covered

3 May 2015
A 2002 BMW 330Ci Sport could be the bargain coupé you've been searching for

Two-door wonders to raise a smile

With £3500 to spend on a coupé, the used car world is your oyster. Here are some of my favourites

27 April 2015
James can't be the only one addicted to popping the bonnet

I'm addicted to looking under the bonnet

It used to be commonplace to check your car's vital signs once a week - but not any more, it seems

7 April 2015
Could driving in London soon be a thing of the past?

Why motoring in London has driven me mad

As the SMMT announces it wants more of us to buy low-emission vehicles and commute through an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, some of us might find ourselves banished from the capital

30 March 2015
Volvo C30

Top Volvos are used bargains

From the robust XC90 to the sporty T5 R, the Swedish giant has led the way in creating safe, practical cars. Here are some of its best creations

23 March 2015
Saab 9-3 Convertible

Missing Saab? You only need to look in the classifieds

There might not be any new Saabs around at the moment, but you only need open up the classifieds to find a pool of used examples on your doorstep

16 March 2015


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