James Ruppert Special correspondent

Used to sell BMWs, but he's no yuppie; has a '64 Mini Cooper in his garage and a '57 BSA Bantam in his house. Has bought and sold hundreds of used cars, and he isn't finished yet.

Value brands are the new used

Does buying new instead of used ever make sense? It can do with value brands

29 September 2015
James still loves Volkswagens despite the emissions scandal

Opinion - thinking about buying a VW diesel? Carry on regardless

It will be a long road, but Volkswagen will pull through this crisis, and its cars will still be worth considering after the dust settles

24 September 2015

Why the MOT test is still so important

MOT tests are important, and James Ruppert believes a new car should still be tested on its third birthday

16 September 2015
Main dealer
Buying at a main dealer gets you a cast-iron guarantee

Autocar's guide to buying a used car

Want to buy a previously owned car but don’t know where to begin? Our svengali of the secondhand, James Ruppert, guides you through the used car jungle

11 September 2015

Clamping down on tax evaders

The number of untaxed cars being clamped by the DVLA is on the rise

9 September 2015

How to buy the best Aston Martin DB9 - used car buying guide

A used Aston DB9 can be a joy - if you choose wisely. Here are some top tips to help the buying process

5 September 2015

Be fashionable and buy a banger

After years of extolling the virtues of buying cheap used cars, I've found it’s suddenly become fashionable

1 September 2015

Why a rusty reputation should make you think twice when buying used

Rust may not be the car killer it once was but, says James Ruppert, don’t think it’s a thing of the past

26 August 2015

Bag a plush French barge for a bargain price

No one does big, plush barges like the French. Here are some of the less risky options

18 August 2015

It's time to stock up on the cars we love

The Budget moved the road tax goalposts. Here are some cars to enjoy while we still can

12 August 2015


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