James Ruppert Special correspondent

Used to sell BMWs, but he's no yuppie; has a '64 Mini Cooper in his garage and a '57 BSA Bantam in his house. Has bought and sold hundreds of used cars, and he isn't finished yet.
Why owning a left-hand-drive car in the UK isn't such a poor choice

Left-hand-drive supercars - here's why you should consider one

Chevrolet Corvettes, a Maserati Biturbo and Ferrari 360 - those and more can be had for less in left-hook form

18 July 2016
Morgan Aero 8

What used cars should our political leaders drive?

David Cameron spent £1500 on a Micra for his wife, but we think he should have gone for the Morgan Aero 8 instead

21 June 2016
citroën C4

The best coupés that can carry a bike: used buying guide

Fitting a bike in a car isn't always easy, but here are just a few stylish, sensibly priced options

16 June 2016
porsche panamera

The best luxury barges for £30k and under: Used Buying Guide

Luxury barges aren’t always the most family friendly, but tumbling prices for the Porsche Panamera and Audi A8 make them a possibility

6 June 2016

Can you get a drop-top for less than 15k?

From a Mini Convertible to a BMW 1 Series Convertible, James Ruppert gives the lowdown on the best bargain drop-tops

4 June 2016
Mercedes E-Class
Can you guess how many miles this Mercedes E-Class has driven?

Why high-mileage cars should rule the roost

It's all too easy to be tempted by a hardly run-in Ferrari, but it's high-mileage metal that can really be a wise choice

25 March 2016
James Ruppert

1990s future classics - how to pick a bargain banger for less

As exciting 1980s cars now reach prohibitive prices, it’s time to turn to the era of Britpop, the World Wide Web and Friends for cheap cars that could become future classics

27 February 2016
BMW 7 Series

A sad farewell to Shed 7, my bargain BMW 7 Series

After more than four years of economical luxury motoring, my BMW 728i, Shed 7, steamed to a halt at the side of the A11

16 February 2016
The cars of McLaren's workers

The cars of McLaren - what do the workers drive?

What do McLaren’s employees drive outside of work hours? The company car park holds many surprises

30 December 2015
2001 BMW M5
2001 BMW M5

The top 20 used cars of Christmas

Whether you're after four-wheel drive to tackle any snow, or simply looking for a great deal, here's our guide to buying wise this winter

26 December 2015


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