Last week I went to see Prodrive to talk about the differences in road surfaces in the UK and in Europe (among other things) and before I went I invited you lot to come up with your own questions.

So here, in no particular order, are the answers to those questions – provided by Prodrive’s head of vehicle dynamics, Matt Taylor.

Which manufacturer has the best vehicles for compromise between ride and handling over their whole range - for UK roads? (bentleyboy)

This is a difficult question to give a definitive answer. First, the ride and handling compromise is, in part, something of a myth: many of the aspects of good handling (grip for example) necessitate a good ride. A vehicle with no body accelerations would have perfect ride isolation and exceptional handling.

As for which manufacturer has the best compromise: this is difficult to answer as much is down to personal preference. Jaguar has a long history of building cars for the home market and, without a doubt, remains a strong contender. Increasingly, many of the other brands are including the UK as part of their ride and handling development schedule to use the wide variety of surfaces we have on offer. Often the particular ride and handling characteristic of a vehicle is determined by the behaviour that the vehicle manufacturers think their customers want.  This is often why a range of cars for certain manufacturers often feels similar to drive.